Wednesday, May 28, 2014

What are the Main Uses of Pressurized Tanks?

Pressurized tanks are enclosed vessels that hold liquid or gas substances at a higher pressure than air pressure. There are different types of pressurized tanks. These are water pressure tanks, gas high pressure tanks and air pressure tanks. Various industries and communities use pressurized tanks for a variety of uses.

Water pressure tanks are used in homes and neighborhoods as a storage for cleaning or drinking water. These pumps are connected to well systems to supply water to various homes in a community. The pump is electric, it automatically pumps water of the ground until the water level inside the tank reaches a certain height. That is when the pump will stop. When a faucet connected to the tank is turned on, the tank will release water. The water enters pipes leading to the faucet. When the pump senses that the water level decreased, the tank will automatically refill itself until it reaches normal levels. When it does, the pump will turn off. This process ensures that the pressurized tank will always have a water reserve.

Water pressure tanks have two type. The first is a traditional pressure tank that holds water at a certain level leaving space for air at the top. The second type of water pressure tank includes a bladder made out of rubber that is located inside the tank. This bladder holds the water and is placed inside the tank to create pressure.

The water pressure tank has the tendency to overrun the pump, especially when the pump turns on and off after running for a limited amount of time. The same incident occurs in a traditional pressure tank when the air space in the tank decreases and water space increases. Air can be added to the tank to fix this problem. 

Air pressure tanks are used for industrial purposes, mainly to clean tools. This type of tank is most commonly used in loosening and tightening lug nuts on a tire that is about to be changed.

Water pressure tanks and air pressure tanks have limited uses. Unlike the two, a gas high pressure tanks have many uses. It can also hold different types of gases. Propane and natural gas are used for household heating. Carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen gases are used in welding. Helium is for blowing up balloons. Pressurized oxygen is used for medical purposes.

A reminder: Contents leak out if pressure tanks become unstable. A water pressure tanks and an air pressure tank ideally do not pose any type of danger. However, a gas tank would pose a great threat once this happens. All types of pressure tanks have a safety mechanism to prevent any form of leaking.

A pressurized tank is useful in keeping liquid or gas substances inside a vessel for future use. Of the three, the gas high pressure tank is the most dangerous to keep. Be cautious when handling these tanks.