Saturday, November 29, 2014

When Is the Right Time to Get Payroll Software?

This time and age where technology plays a big part on the society’s progress and development, it is not bad at all to reconsider upgrading your own process. There are only selected small- scale offices at present that still follow the conventional way of running their company or business. Often than not, they tend to be a little step behind their competitors or contemporaries. Usually though bigger companies are the ones who acquire or upgrade their systems, on various departments, for convenience and precision.

Finance for example is one of the most important segments in the company as this is where the employees’ salaries are dependent on. For companies with bigger number of people or even for smaller ones, it has been recommended to get the best payroll software there is. If you haven’t considered it yet, here are some guidelines to help you decide for the right time to get one.


This is probably the main purpose of payroll software, for easy computation of all wages. So when manual payroll calculation is already wearing you off, then this is the best time to get it.

They compute the gross to net earnings of each employee based on their payroll representative input.  These inputs are important because this is where the accuracy of the calculation result will depend on. If an employee on leave is still expected to receive salary but the payroll representatives fail to make necessary input, then the payroll system won’t be able to pay him / her. You can rely on your payroll software for various modes of payments like overtime, salaries, commissions, overtime, salary raise, wage deductions, auto payments, and more.


When you need to have a precise and efficient tracking of your time keeping, especially when the manual process already had omitted errors before. The payroll system simplifies the data entries and absolutely reduces possible glitches. Many employees have their salaries computed hourly. The employers use their time keeping system to track the hours and pay the hourly workers accordingly. The time clock or the software where employees can input their log-in and log-out can also be their basis for payment. The automated time- keeping software then imports the time clock data into the payroll software for the employee’s hourly computation rate. It is still then dependent on the representative to make sure the time input to be imported is accurate.


The payroll software can definitely reduce time for labor to up to 75%. They keep the employer’s tax record which is used for tax computation. These are hard to be done manually and may also be more prone for errors. The payroll software keeps information in one designation giving you much control of your employees’ salaries.

Human Resources Department: Managing Talents Effectively

The Human Resources department is one of the very first sectors in the company you will ever encounter once you welcome yourself to your new workplace. They are the set of people who would call you and greet you as you go for an interview. Eventually and luckily when hired, they are also the same people who will still be keeping an eye on you for your employee needs, for your records, and for your performance. Ultimately the Human Resources Department plays a very vital role on every employee’s stay in the company. They can even either be hated or loved, depending on their end results towards an employee’s impression. Given the scenario, here are some tips on how to make the Human Resources Department effective in managing your talents.


Have your HR staff review and remember your company’s mission and objectives. This is important to articulate them with your company’s reason on why you exist. You may also have a Human Resources vision mission that would also remind them on why they exist. Reminding them the company’s mission statement will be a great guide for them as they choose potential clients to be invited for interview. It is important to have them input into their hearts the company’s main goal so as to perfectly determine who to hire to help in the work place’s betterment and growth.


Consider upgrading by acquiring new HR software that will definitely make your HR staff’s work and life easier and even efficient. Not just that it will make their workload lighter and faster, this will also help to keep track of your employees’ information and even avoid errors. There are automated time keeping software that will enable to keep track of the employees’ log-in and log-out records easily. Another tool you can used is the automated payroll software which is on the other hand used for easy calculation of employees’ salaries. Instead of manually doing the time keeping and payroll calculation, these softwares can absolutely make life easier and even more precise.


Your HR staff should be creative and people engaging. Aside for hiring them and also fixing their requirements when you already decide to leave the company, it is also the HR people’s task to sustain the employee’s stay while still in the company. You can give them workshops or trainings on how they can develop this skill. You can also give them different strategic ideas on how they can implement a more lively work environment. It is important for employees to have a break at work tasks once in a while.


This is one of the common causes for employees to have a hate relationship among their HR Department. Make sure to be open to your employee’s questions and clarify them when needed. Usually employees would worry about taxes, leave credits, and benefits, so it is best to have a proper leave management system, as well as a clear FAQ note regarding taxes and benefits. You can also have a quarterly seminar about it, giving room for employees to give feedback and ask questions. Just be sure to be patient about them.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Advantages of Enrolling Your Children To An International School

Education is of prime importance not just in families but also in the country as a whole. The education level of the general population dictates how the country will be in terms of socioeconomic growth and political state. On a micro perspective, if a family has a great education background, there is a high chance that the family will be better off compared to other families. 

This is why it is important to send children only to the best schools. To top it all, in international schools Singapore have. While it can be more expensive than other schools, there are a lot of advantages in enrolling your children in international schools. Here are some of the advantages.

1. Globally competitive education

International schools have a higher set of standards compared to other local schools. This is because Singapore international school has to keep up with the fast-evolving education and globally competitive way of learning internationally. Children who came from international schools Singapore have proven to be more competitive than other students and that they have higher chances of getting scholarships abroad because of their competence.

2. A mix of culture

Singapore international school has a lot of cultures mixed in one campus. Here, children can learn from their classmates about various cultures, making them more understanding of the practices of other countries. This, in a way, gives children a wider perspective in life.

3. International extra-curricular activities

While it is a norm that competitive schools get to other countries to represent Singapore in different events, conferences and competitions, students from internationals schools Singapore get a higher chance of being sent abroad to compete and collaborate with other international school students.

4. Career formation

As young as they are, children need to be prepared of the future. International schools Singapore can help them know which career would fit them, with different programs that help children unleash their potentials. 

5. Value and attitude formation

Since students from international schools come from different culture, they are exposed to different people at a very young age. This makes them more understanding of people of different identities. Through this, it will not be difficult for children to interact with people of different nationalities. 

These are just some of the many advantages of studying in Singapore international school. Of course, it is good to consider enrolling your children to international schools as they will equip your kids with enough knowledge academically, and enough skills for their everyday life. Though it may be costly at first, it will surely be worth all your expenses as you reap from the result of this education investment after your kids have graduated.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HDB Renovation For Would Be Parents

One of the biggest changes that comes into any couples' life is the day they are finally expecting an addition to the family! It signals the start of an amazing adventure that will be a growing experience for everyone. So of course, in those early stages of basking in the pregnancy glow, it is also important to get planning your house to make room for a new baby.

A new baby is, naturally, not as experienced as an adult, and some baby-proofing is required to prepare for curious eyes and wiggly fingers once he/she gets past the newborn stage. There are certain measures that need to be taken before the baby comes into the world, because you might not have the presence of mind to remember once your life is wrapped up in the little one.

If you live in an HDB flat, some HDB renovation might be needed at this stage. This is a good time to hire the services of a contractor so that you can clarify with them any permits that may be required before you start renovating.

Some of the quick fixes you'll need to coordinate for are covering plug holes. Curious kids are eye level with these, so a safety cover is a must. Check your flat for any sharp corners or dangerous surfaces where a still-unstable walking one year old can run into, and ask help from your contractor to fix this.

For a baby, the most dangerous areas of the house are the kitchen, and the part of the house where you keep cleaning supplies and other potentially toxic fluids. Be sure to install locks on all the doors housing dangerous substances. In the kitchen, try not to keep sharp objects like knives and forks in plain sight. You can ask help from your contactor to install a small cabinet or countertop drawers to keep them hidden.

If your home has stairs, a child-locked gate at the top and bottom of the stairs will greatly decrease the risk of accidents. Windows should also be double-checked as they can be potentially dangerous for kids who can get a small thumb or finger caught in the frame.

Baby-proofing your house is essential in order to make sure you have some peace of mind. It is quite easy to get anxious in those early days of pregnancy, so you want to make sure you have all your bases covered! You can always consult with your parents or relatives or friends who have had experience in this department already—they can point you to the right direction so that this simple task doesn’t seem too overwhelming. If anything you can always make a timeline for this—you do have 9 months to prepare, after all!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Things You Didn't Know About LED

LED, LED. Have you heard this term being thrown around lately? If you've been to the hardware store or the handyman store lately, you'll see that LED lightings are all the rage--and with good reason. Some people believe that LED lightings are just an expensive fad. Indeed, compared to incandescent bulbs, they are a little bit more expensive. However, they have a whole host of benefits that will be great for the homeowner or for the business owner.

Many new retail and business establishments are making the switch, mainly to keep up with trends and to save money on their electric bills. Experts predict that in a few years, majority will be using LED lightings in their homes, offices, establishments, mainly because of its numerous benefits to the pocket and to the environment.

First up, what you need to know about LED is that it is the most efficient lighting technology we have in the market today. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is more efficient that normal incandescent bulbs which we are used to. Those bulbs, when used, emit about 80% heat and 20% light from the energy it uses. This means for every dollar you spend using an incandescent bulb, you only get back 20 cents worth of light. LED lightings are so efficient that almost all the energy used is converted into light. So though you spend a little bit more on the unit itself, you won't need to change it for at least 15-20 years, and you save more on your electricity bill, too!

So because of this, it goes without saying that LED lighting is very environmentally efficient too. Producing it has less impact on the environment compared to neon, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Because it lasts longer, you don't have to replace it as often so it means you can produce less with your resources to meet the demand.

Other things you probably didn't know about LED? Unlike other lights sources, LED lightings do not wash out colors, which makes them perfect for displays and retail applications.

Lastly, LED lights are low-maintenance. Naturally, it would be great if our lighting systems didn’t burn out so often or require much maintenance! LED lights can withstand high and low temperatures, is durable, long-lasting and compact--so unless it starts dimming, you can pretty much forget it’s there!

With all these amazing benefits for the environment and for your pocket, it’s no wonder why LED lights are slowly replacing the old light fixtures of before. Jump on the bandwagon today and see how LED lighting’s benefits can change your life bit by bit.