Saturday, November 29, 2014

When Is the Right Time to Get Payroll Software?

This time and age where technology plays a big part on the society’s progress and development, it is not bad at all to reconsider upgrading your own process. There are only selected small- scale offices at present that still follow the conventional way of running their company or business. Often than not, they tend to be a little step behind their competitors or contemporaries. Usually though bigger companies are the ones who acquire or upgrade their systems, on various departments, for convenience and precision.

Finance for example is one of the most important segments in the company as this is where the employees’ salaries are dependent on. For companies with bigger number of people or even for smaller ones, it has been recommended to get the best payroll software there is. If you haven’t considered it yet, here are some guidelines to help you decide for the right time to get one.


This is probably the main purpose of payroll software, for easy computation of all wages. So when manual payroll calculation is already wearing you off, then this is the best time to get it.

They compute the gross to net earnings of each employee based on their payroll representative input.  These inputs are important because this is where the accuracy of the calculation result will depend on. If an employee on leave is still expected to receive salary but the payroll representatives fail to make necessary input, then the payroll system won’t be able to pay him / her. You can rely on your payroll software for various modes of payments like overtime, salaries, commissions, overtime, salary raise, wage deductions, auto payments, and more.


When you need to have a precise and efficient tracking of your time keeping, especially when the manual process already had omitted errors before. The payroll system simplifies the data entries and absolutely reduces possible glitches. Many employees have their salaries computed hourly. The employers use their time keeping system to track the hours and pay the hourly workers accordingly. The time clock or the software where employees can input their log-in and log-out can also be their basis for payment. The automated time- keeping software then imports the time clock data into the payroll software for the employee’s hourly computation rate. It is still then dependent on the representative to make sure the time input to be imported is accurate.


The payroll software can definitely reduce time for labor to up to 75%. They keep the employer’s tax record which is used for tax computation. These are hard to be done manually and may also be more prone for errors. The payroll software keeps information in one designation giving you much control of your employees’ salaries.

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