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Who wouldn’t want to be healthy and fit right? The best part on losing weight and being healthy is actually enjoying what you are eating and / or drinking. Soy milk is a good and tasty option to complete your diet and might as well be your fridge’s favorite drink! 

In Singapore, soy milk has been one of the locals’ favorite and is even one of the traditional staple in Asia. What’s more exciting with the soy milk Singapore is it can actually be cheaper than other weight losing beverage in the country. And to even exceed your expectations… it is organic! With all of these good points to mention, how about spoiling yourself more by actually learning how to make your own soy milk?

Here is a quick and easy way on how you can create your very own organic soy milk. You may also use this recipe to encourage your loved ones to stay fit and healthy!




-         In a bowl, combine the soybeans and two of the eleven cups of water.
-         The soybeans should be under the level of the cups of water poured.
-         Soak the soybeans over night or at least eight hours and be sure to maintain the higher water level over the soy bean. Add more water if it went below the required water level.
-         Put the soaked water in a blender and followed by the soy beans left from the bowl.
-         Add four cups of water and blend it until it is smooth.

Now don’t drink them yet! It looks milky and yummy already but it won’t taste great yet.

-         Once they are smooth already, pour the mixture into a cheesecloth which you will hold next over a pot.
-         Squeeze the cheesecloth thoroughly until you extract as much liquid.
-         After squeezing the liquid, put the remaining soy bean back in the blender and add another three cups of water.
-         Once again, blend it until it is smooth.
-         Do the straining process again using the cheesecloth.
-         Now repeat the same process of putting the remaining soy bean pulp in the blend and this time add two cups of water.
-         Yup, strain the mixture again after.

You are finally done with your raw soy milk. But no, we are not yet done with the actual soy milk!

-         Now put the pot (with raw soy milk) on the stove and turn the heat to high level.
-         Make sure to stir your mixture until it boils. Be careful not to stick the soy milk to the pot’s bottom.
-         Boil mixture for about two to three minutes. Skim the top to get foam off.

The best part here is putting some tasty flavors to your creation!

-         Add some sugar, about 1 / 4 cup to make it sweet.
-         You can add some vanilla, chocolate or probably strawberry to flavor your soy milk.
-         AND YOU ARE DONE!

You can also try making the cold bean curd Singapore which is another favorite and a hit among locals. Some of it procedure is almost just the same as this one, especially the straining and preparation of the mixture part. This can also be a good alternative for your daily quick snacks!

Where to Find Cheap Car Servicing Deals?

In order to maximize the lifespan and value of your car, it needs regular car servicing that involves series of maintenance procedures at a set time interval. Most of the modern cars nowadays needs service once a year, however, in some other cases, some cars require a service every six months. The purpose of car service is to check, inspect and replace the parts that are wear down over time. It is important that regular maintenance is performed to avoid any potential problems that will arise as well as to minimize the expenditure of severe damages. Also regular maintenance is critical to ensure the reliability, safety, driveability and comfort of your car.

Does your car needs a service?

Car servicing and inspection intervals depend on how you use your car over time, the model of the car, its driving condition and the driver behavior. There will be unfavorable cases that may affect the condition of your car such as number of trips per day, heavy stop and go and long distance cruising, mountainous, dusty or de-iced roads, on an extreme hot or cold climate conditions and also towing a trailer or having a heavy load.

What are the services offered?

Normally, common car maintenance includes car wash, check and replace of the engine oil and oil filters, inspecting and replacing fuel filters, windshield wipers, refilling the windshield washer fluid, tire balancing and rotation, wheel alignment, checking and flushing the brake fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and the engine coolant. Moreover, inspecting the spark plugs, air filter, timing belts and other belts and lights, lubricating the locks, latches, and hinges as well as tightening the chassis nuts and bolts are all essential in a car maintenance procedure.

In some other cases, some car services does not require much of an overall inspection. There are some garages that will change only your oil filter and your brake fluid. Nonetheless, you can find a good car servicing if the garage presented a checklist of services they are offering, these services includes inspection of the important components such as: the engine, fuel, drive system, electrical, steering and suspension, exhaust, brakes, tires and wheels, vision, and the internal parts. In order to better help the technician it is also required that you can define the problem in as much details as you can. Elaborate your driving experience and the problems that you have encountered.

Do you need your car to take it to the main dealer?

Well it does not require that you have to take your car to the main dealer services because there are cheap car servicing deals that you can find online as well as in other reputed car servicing workshops. Reputable independent garages can now have the same access to technical information regarding your car. Moreover, it is necessary that you are also well acquainted with the technical aspects of your car such as the chassis nuts and bolts used by the manufacturer. Give time to know and understand the maintenance procedure of your own car so that mechanics will not take advantage of your ignorance and may charge you with a high service fee.

Part Time Maid Vs Full Time Maid, Which One You Should Choose?

Are you looking for someone to render maid services for your household? There are a lot of full time and part time maid agencies in Singapore that can provide these services. If you are looking for your newest maid, then you should understand the basic differences and similarities of a part time maid and a full time maid.

Basically, part-time maids do not stay in the house like full-time maids. They work in a specific amount of time. After rendering fixed hours, they go home. Such arrangements and details can be provided by most part time maid agencies in Singapore. Full-time maids, on the other hand, render services in the house. They live with their employers.

Hiring part-time maids generally reduce such mishaps to the minimum. Of course there are many benefits of hiring full-time maids such as having them around most of the time to attend to house chores. Kids or elderly can be taken care of most of the time. However things may turn the other way round as some maids may get frustrated for spending too much time at home working and they may eventually release their anger by mistreating children or the elderly.

Part-time maids are hired based on hourly rate. Therefore, they are more committed to their jobs as they work shorter hours and they have lesser stress compared to full-time maids. In other words, they are comparatively happier workers.

In terms of security, there are also issues when it comes to part time workers. You may need to be aware of hiring part-time maids when you are not at home while they do the house cleaning. Because they are not as attached to the family, they have the higher potential to do not so good things.

On the other hand, having a full time maid could be an advantage or disadvantage. Having a full time maid might not be your ideal choice. If you are about to engage a full time maid, you might be worried whether you can trust the maid to be at home by herself. Trust is the key here. If you are going to hire a full time maid, you have to make sure that the one you choose is trustworthy.

There are always pros and cons for hiring maids whether they are part-time or full-time. Weighing up all the pros and cons and then you would be able to decide for yourself which is the best choice for you and your family.

Last but not least, if money is not an issue and there are no young kids or old people at home, you may just need someone to clean your house or room for you while you are busy with your job outside, then hiring a part-time maid would be your ideal choice. We see more single people living by themselves as our society become more efficient and self-centered. So the demand for such cleaning services will grow even further. 

Grow Your Business With Time Tracking

One of the most objective ways of tracking your employees’ performance is through their attendance tracking. This is the reason why accurately appraising the time-keeping of your people will equate to a boost in your organization’s efficiency. In the past tracking the time-keeping is done manually, usually the punch card systems but nowadays, most companies use general ERP software or time attendance software to speed up the process.

There are a lot of benefits in accurately tracking employees’ attendance. Here are some of the reasons why.

First of all, tracking your employees’ attendance will help your business grow. By making your employees productive, they contribute significantly to the growth of your company. For most companies of today, time is a great monetary unit. Keeping your targets on track is a boost for your business. 

Second, by strictly monitoring the time attendance of your people, you will indirectly inculcate to them a great value and habit. Tardiness and absenteeism is bad for your company and your people need to understand that. If the company values time, most likely your people will value time as well. This is not only for the company’s growth but for your personal growth as well as an individual.

Third, monitoring of your employees using efficient time attendance software can speed up your operations. It provides various benefits. For administrators, this enables improved efficiency in the work of time keepers. This software is linked to the payroll system that will serve as data for processing the right employee benefits. No more punch cards, manual calculations of pay and leg work.

Furthermore, its employee self-service facilities ease and enhance the workflow for different time elements such as managing attendance and overtime hours, overtime approval and payment. All manual processes will be carried out electronically. Most importantly, it provides audit trails to check the authorization and changes made by respective supervisors. This is important in tracking the editing history. 

When businesses are growing, so are getting challenges along the way. A flexible and comprehensive erp software will help in managing these roadblocks and keep processes in sync with future changes.

Not all software are made equal, let the vendor know what are needs of the business so the right software tool can be presented. The right tool for future investment in time and money is a must for ant growing business.

Best Interior Design Theme Ideas For Your Room

Rooms are like people. They do need to make-over isn't it? So ready your make-up kit and we’re doing some stuff.

Color alone can be a great tool in grooming your room. It can setup different moods depending on the color combination. In mixing of colors, you must consider some elements. You can adapt the idea of color contrast and complement. Just like on the image above depicts. Purple is a dull color but combining it with vibrant colors such as orange can make your spot livelier.

Image Source: http://www.castlery.com/

 Neutral themed room are always present in every ages. At first you may find it boring. But unlike other bright-colored rooms, it gives a sense of peacefulness and harmony to everybody who will stay on that room. Any color of furniture will be the best match for this kind of theme.

Image Source: http://cdn.freshome.com/

Do you have kids at home? If the answer is yes, then this interior design can cater your children room’s needs. Usually, the some people use the color blue or pink in their children’s room. But what if, the kid is girl or boy? What if they share the same room? Those colors make distinction to them. For a gender-free room, the above design is an example. There is no design for particularly for a boy or a girl. Aside from that, they can unleash their creativity due to some drawings that are painted on the wall.

You want to renovate but you don’t have a room? Well, don’t worry there is a solution. If there is enough space under the stairs, it can be a suitable spot. With just a little designing, all is set. The picture shows an example of a room under stairs. The color of the mattress and the wood blended well with the colored theme of the stairs making it appear as part of it. And also, the addition of the lamp make the space look elegant.

 Image Source: http://neonhappy.com

If you have a limited space on your bedroom, you can still maximize it. You just have some of your imagination to come up with an idea. Just like this design. Additional floor was added up to create a working area. Then an extension was made from the left section so that papers and other things can be placed on that area. Then, just pattern some of the colors with each other so that it will not be unpleasing to the eyes and makes it appear more originally part of the room.

Image Source: http://cdni.condenast.co.uk/

This design introduces the modern type of living. It creates an atmosphere by painting the window. Also, the different vibrant colors contradict the paleness of white. And, the color blue really gets along very well with color white.

Image Source: http://mediacache.homeimprovementpages.com.au/
Feel the future within this design. From the base of the bed to the walls, light, and curtains portrays futuristic idea. Aside from that, the color black reflects elegance and sophistication.

To fully achieve your desired theme for your room, you ask for some help of an interior designer from best interior design Singapore companies. But if you are well-confident on your skills then go. Start designing your own room.

Top 10 Affordable Italian Foods To Buy in Singapore

You want to have a complete Italian food experience bursting with savoury of sour-sweet taste of tomatoes, freshness of basil leaves, ungreased oil, and chunkiness of olives however you cannot go to Italy, and sadly, your pocket is crying out for help? Well, you don’t have to worry. You can still experience in Singapore Italian food that will make you and your wallet satisfied.


Are you a cheese-lover? Well if yes, then Burrata is what you want. It is a dish made up of cheese rolled out to create a ball-form. It is filled with fresh cream together with ritagali and wrapped over by asphodel, an Italian plant. With only $16, you can now enjoy your every bite that burst into your mouth.


Clams and strings all the way!  Looking for some seafood pasta? Indulge in the goodness of Spaghetti Alle Vongole. A pasta made out of tomatoes, fresh basil, oil, parsley and a splash of white wine. Be delighted by this dish with only $17.

3. PIZZA  

Yes! Our all-time favourite flat bread, topped with overloaded toppings-olives, green pepper, beef combined with tomato sauce, can also be enjoyed at an affordable price.  Located in Tanglin Mall estate with a price range starting at $12 (12-inch). 


Oozing with herbs and different seafood toppings – shrimps, mollusks and clams mixed with pasta and tomato sauce, this dish will surely satisfy your seafood craving. For only $14, experience the flavor of the sea.


Carbonara is one of the popular Italian dish that the world indulge today. With its signature creaminess plus the meatiness of bacon, the dash of black pepper and cheese, everyone will surely love this cuisine. You can find some restaurants that offer this dish at a reasonable price of $15. 


Discover a sandwich cooked in a grilled way. It is made up of bread with salami, egg, cheese and mortadella. You can choose with different variants like prosciutto panini ($16), bacon & egg panini ($14) and duck confit panini ($19). So go on and munch in on this food served straight from the oven.


One of the simplest dish to prepare is Aglio Olio or known as Garlic and Oil. It’s usually made up of few ingredients – olive oil, garlic, and spray of black pepper but wait there’s more. You can also add up mushroom to the family. Mushroom Aglio Olio is only one of the different varieties of Aglio Olio found on some restaurants. Get it for only $14.


Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert made up of egg white, cream and honey. It is best served with fruits like strawberry and blue berry, chocolate syrup, and caramel. With its soft structure and perfect sweetness, your sweet-tooth will find satisfaction. It is available at a regular price of $12.50.


Isn't it Japanese? If your answer is yes, probably you’re wrong. Tiramisu is an Italian dessert which literally means “pick or lift me up”. The mixing taste of coffee, mascarpone cheese, and cocoa make this dessert tempting. So don’t stop yourself and grab it for a low price of $12.


If you want a less-fat dessert, Gelato is what you are looking for. Relax yourself with this milky cool treat for just a price of $3 per 2 scoops.