Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Grow Your Business With Time Tracking

One of the most objective ways of tracking your employees’ performance is through their attendance tracking. This is the reason why accurately appraising the time-keeping of your people will equate to a boost in your organization’s efficiency. In the past tracking the time-keeping is done manually, usually the punch card systems but nowadays, most companies use general ERP software or time attendance software to speed up the process.

There are a lot of benefits in accurately tracking employees’ attendance. Here are some of the reasons why.

First of all, tracking your employees’ attendance will help your business grow. By making your employees productive, they contribute significantly to the growth of your company. For most companies of today, time is a great monetary unit. Keeping your targets on track is a boost for your business. 

Second, by strictly monitoring the time attendance of your people, you will indirectly inculcate to them a great value and habit. Tardiness and absenteeism is bad for your company and your people need to understand that. If the company values time, most likely your people will value time as well. This is not only for the company’s growth but for your personal growth as well as an individual.

Third, monitoring of your employees using efficient time attendance software can speed up your operations. It provides various benefits. For administrators, this enables improved efficiency in the work of time keepers. This software is linked to the payroll system that will serve as data for processing the right employee benefits. No more punch cards, manual calculations of pay and leg work.

Furthermore, its employee self-service facilities ease and enhance the workflow for different time elements such as managing attendance and overtime hours, overtime approval and payment. All manual processes will be carried out electronically. Most importantly, it provides audit trails to check the authorization and changes made by respective supervisors. This is important in tracking the editing history. 

When businesses are growing, so are getting challenges along the way. A flexible and comprehensive erp software will help in managing these roadblocks and keep processes in sync with future changes.

Not all software are made equal, let the vendor know what are needs of the business so the right software tool can be presented. The right tool for future investment in time and money is a must for ant growing business.

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