Sunday, October 26, 2014

How To Get Back In Shape After Giving Birth

One of the major fears and unfortunately inevitable fact when you get pregnant is gaining weight. To be more brutally honest about it, you get fat. Don’t feel down though as this is totally normal!

You know that feeling when you have your period and you tend to crave for so many random meals? That is the same when you get pregnant. You crave for the oddest food and you can eat a whole load of it. Of course, you are not eating for your own sake now, you are sharing your meal to that cute fetus inside you.

This happens to everyone, all over the world.

Some would even have post natal massageSingapore or some would even compare themselves to celebrities. Beyonce gained 48 lbs while Christina Aguilera gained 40 lbs! Now that this is a nightmare you can’t avoid, the next thing is to know how to wake up losing those!


Now don’t wake up too soon. Right after giving birth it is best that you prioritize your health first and allow the body repair itself. While taking some time, you can focus on taking care of your baby, eating healthy and of course relax accordingly.


On the early part after pregnancy, it is advisable to initially do the set of exercise you would do before giving birth. You also can’t use gym equipment that may be harmful for you. Take it gradually. Take note of the gap in the abdominal muscles after giving birth which usually disappears within four to eight weeks. You can’t do belly exercises prior to this.

Now when you are good to do the usual exercise, strive to do it regularly. Exercising can definitely reduce back pain and reduce those leg cramps and swelling. This is also good in maintaining good muscle tone.


Okay so you have been spoiled with all those weird late night cravings when you were pregnant, now that the baby is born, it is also time to change that. As always keep breakfast as the most important meal of the day. Also don’t forget to have some fish, beans or lean meat cuts as your source of protein. Of course add fiber to your meal plan as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.


This will be quite hard as having a baby means getting sleepless nights, but once you have the time, go grab it! Sleeping decreases depression and saves up energy for the day. You can also try post natal massage to keep you feeling relaxed and improve your body circulation. Post natal massage can also lessen stretch marks by increasing skin’s elasticity.

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