Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Who wouldn’t want to be healthy and fit right? The best part on losing weight and being healthy is actually enjoying what you are eating and / or drinking. Soy milk is a good and tasty option to complete your diet and might as well be your fridge’s favorite drink! 

In Singapore, soy milk has been one of the locals’ favorite and is even one of the traditional staple in Asia. What’s more exciting with the soy milk Singapore is it can actually be cheaper than other weight losing beverage in the country. And to even exceed your expectations… it is organic! With all of these good points to mention, how about spoiling yourself more by actually learning how to make your own soy milk?

Here is a quick and easy way on how you can create your very own organic soy milk. You may also use this recipe to encourage your loved ones to stay fit and healthy!




-         In a bowl, combine the soybeans and two of the eleven cups of water.
-         The soybeans should be under the level of the cups of water poured.
-         Soak the soybeans over night or at least eight hours and be sure to maintain the higher water level over the soy bean. Add more water if it went below the required water level.
-         Put the soaked water in a blender and followed by the soy beans left from the bowl.
-         Add four cups of water and blend it until it is smooth.

Now don’t drink them yet! It looks milky and yummy already but it won’t taste great yet.

-         Once they are smooth already, pour the mixture into a cheesecloth which you will hold next over a pot.
-         Squeeze the cheesecloth thoroughly until you extract as much liquid.
-         After squeezing the liquid, put the remaining soy bean back in the blender and add another three cups of water.
-         Once again, blend it until it is smooth.
-         Do the straining process again using the cheesecloth.
-         Now repeat the same process of putting the remaining soy bean pulp in the blend and this time add two cups of water.
-         Yup, strain the mixture again after.

You are finally done with your raw soy milk. But no, we are not yet done with the actual soy milk!

-         Now put the pot (with raw soy milk) on the stove and turn the heat to high level.
-         Make sure to stir your mixture until it boils. Be careful not to stick the soy milk to the pot’s bottom.
-         Boil mixture for about two to three minutes. Skim the top to get foam off.

The best part here is putting some tasty flavors to your creation!

-         Add some sugar, about 1 / 4 cup to make it sweet.
-         You can add some vanilla, chocolate or probably strawberry to flavor your soy milk.
-         AND YOU ARE DONE!

You can also try making the cold bean curd Singapore which is another favorite and a hit among locals. Some of it procedure is almost just the same as this one, especially the straining and preparation of the mixture part. This can also be a good alternative for your daily quick snacks!

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