Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Best Interior Design Theme Ideas For Your Room

Rooms are like people. They do need to make-over isn't it? So ready your make-up kit and we’re doing some stuff.

Color alone can be a great tool in grooming your room. It can setup different moods depending on the color combination. In mixing of colors, you must consider some elements. You can adapt the idea of color contrast and complement. Just like on the image above depicts. Purple is a dull color but combining it with vibrant colors such as orange can make your spot livelier.

Image Source: http://www.castlery.com/

 Neutral themed room are always present in every ages. At first you may find it boring. But unlike other bright-colored rooms, it gives a sense of peacefulness and harmony to everybody who will stay on that room. Any color of furniture will be the best match for this kind of theme.

Image Source: http://cdn.freshome.com/

Do you have kids at home? If the answer is yes, then this interior design can cater your children room’s needs. Usually, the some people use the color blue or pink in their children’s room. But what if, the kid is girl or boy? What if they share the same room? Those colors make distinction to them. For a gender-free room, the above design is an example. There is no design for particularly for a boy or a girl. Aside from that, they can unleash their creativity due to some drawings that are painted on the wall.

You want to renovate but you don’t have a room? Well, don’t worry there is a solution. If there is enough space under the stairs, it can be a suitable spot. With just a little designing, all is set. The picture shows an example of a room under stairs. The color of the mattress and the wood blended well with the colored theme of the stairs making it appear as part of it. And also, the addition of the lamp make the space look elegant.

 Image Source: http://neonhappy.com

If you have a limited space on your bedroom, you can still maximize it. You just have some of your imagination to come up with an idea. Just like this design. Additional floor was added up to create a working area. Then an extension was made from the left section so that papers and other things can be placed on that area. Then, just pattern some of the colors with each other so that it will not be unpleasing to the eyes and makes it appear more originally part of the room.

Image Source: http://cdni.condenast.co.uk/

This design introduces the modern type of living. It creates an atmosphere by painting the window. Also, the different vibrant colors contradict the paleness of white. And, the color blue really gets along very well with color white.

Image Source: http://mediacache.homeimprovementpages.com.au/
Feel the future within this design. From the base of the bed to the walls, light, and curtains portrays futuristic idea. Aside from that, the color black reflects elegance and sophistication.

To fully achieve your desired theme for your room, you ask for some help of an interior designer from best interior design Singapore companies. But if you are well-confident on your skills then go. Start designing your own room.

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