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What are the Advantages of Minibus Rental?

Have you ever thought of touring around your city with your friends, only to realize that none in your group has any ride that can accommodate all of you, and going around in separate groups isn’t as fun? If only one of you has a bigger car.

Fret no more! Minibuses for rent to the rescue! If you have needs such as the scenario described above, then you can easily find a minibus rental service just around the corner. Renting minibuses is the best solution for transporting you and your friends around together in one vehicle. The great thing about such services is that no one in your group will miss a thing! That is, unless all he/she did was sleep during the trip. There is no immediate solution for an anti-social party pooper. That is an attitude problem that only professionals (ahem, shrinks) can solve.

Kidding aside, there are numerous other advantages of just renting out one larger vehicle for your transportation needs rather than using your own vehicles separately. Here are a few of these advantages:

1)       Driver included! – No more road stress for you! You can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of your co-passengers in the car (this is a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity so take it!). Believe me, you don’t want to be the man in front driving your friends around all day everywhere; they enjoy, you get stuck being a chauffeur (and that is what you actually are, they just don’t have the heart to tell you because it would make them feel guilty).

2)       So hhaappppyyyyy TTTOOOGGGEEETTTHHHEEERRR! – Nothing beats experiencing fun things with your family, friends, and other loved ones simultaneously. And this is what you’ll get when you avail of a minibus rental. Imagine going to the beach with your family and the lot of your friends. But here’s the catch: your family is allowed only on one end of the beach, while your friends are on the other end, and you’re in the middle. Is that what you would consider as a ‘fun’ outing? Well, that’s basically what happens when you go around touring with all of you in separate vehicles.

3)       CONSERVE ENERGY! – At least, you save up on your gas money. And saved gas money means more to spend for more enjoyable things! Also, since all of you would be passengers, you will be able to sleep and rest if needed.

So, whenever you need to transport a lot of people or things, don’t hesitate in just renting a minibus for your needs. Not only will you save on money but it would be stress-free as well.

Popular Flowers Used in Singapore Weddings

Flowers play an essential part in any type of wedding—from the simple civil nuptial to a beautiful church ceremony up to a grand (but intimate) sunset beach wedding.Flowers are the conveyors of the overall feel of the event. They provide the right accent to the beauty of the bride (and her bridesmaids). They are also the reason for entertainment—especially on the bouquet tossing part.

More often than not, a bride already have something in mind for her much-awaited wedding day. However, translating that vision into a reality might not be that easy. Your Singapore florist is not a psychic and he might not be able to pinpoint the exact thing that you want. In order to aid you in your upcoming discussing with your flower provider, here are some of the most popular wedding blooms that you might want to consider.
·         Rose
Of course, the ever popular rose. As seen on the image above, roses aren’t exclusive to the red spectrum. They come in a wide variety and color choices. Your florist might be able to come up with an assortment that would suit your theme.
·         Gerbera
This flower depicts innocence and purity and is a good choice as a focal flower. It also comes in a wide array of colors—so there should be no problem in syncing these beauties to your chosen motif.
·         Calla Lilies

How sexy could a flower get, right? When arranged in bunch, they will make for a perfect bridal bouquet. They are also perfect as accents to table centerpieces.
·         Lilies
Lilies are versatile and they can work well with other types of flowers of your choice. They can act as supporting beauties to your centerpiece’s main attraction bloom.
·         Peonies
Peonies are so dainty and is perfect for a garden wedding. They are native to the Asian region so there should no problem on its availablility.

These flowers are the most commonly used for weddings. For sure, your chosen Singapore florist will be able to give you more options for the flowers that you want in your big day.

Top 5 Flowers Singaporeans Love

When you can’t say it in words, say it in flowers, or so the saying goes. It is no wonder that flower-giving is popular among Singaporeans. Singapore flower delivery shops have been on the rise lately. This just shows that more and more people appreciate flowers or know that they are needed for various events and places. Flowers add a touch of class and elegance to a room when done right, and over the years, Singaporeans have their fail-safe choices for flower bouquets and arrangements. These are the top 5 flowers on the local list: 

1. Roses. Roses are always the best type of flowers to give, and favoured by many. Not only do roses look beautiful in a bouquet, they are also simply elegant even when given on its own. Roses come in a variety of different types. Cabbage roses, which are more difficult to find, are the biggest of them. Tea roses are smaller buds that look beautiful when they come in a bunch. The best part about giving roses is that they come in a wide variety of colours that are often thought to have meanings as well--red for love, white for sincerity, yellow for friendship and so on. No doubt, roses will always be a favorite flower to convey love and other feelings. 

2. Geberras. These sunny looking flowers also come in a variety of colors. They are a less mainstream choice as a gift or for arrangements for events, but people do love them since they can be made into quirky arrangements. Geberras come in colors like yellow, pink, red, white, lilac and orange. They are also favored because they last longer than other flowers and can be pressed as a keepsake too. 

3. Tulips. Associated with purity and gentleness, tulips are associated with romance much like roses, but signify that the sender made more of an effort. These are available in bouquets and even tabletop arrangements for various functions. White tulips especially are favored by events coordinators for their understated elegance and ability to freshen up a room in a simple way. 

4. Lilies. Lilies are another type of flower that is best paired with other flowers to bring out its exuberance. Definitely, Singapore flower delivery shops get many orders of bouquets that include lilies. They are often paired with roses, orchids, baby’s breath and lilies of other varieties. The less common calla lily comes in bright colors like orange and yellow and red. Stargazer lilies which are commonly paired with roses or other simple flowers are a best seller for Singapore flower delivery shops. 

5. Orchids. Coming in a variety of colors and sizes, orchids are favored by those who look for elegant flower arrangement for their homes, buildings or functions. Less is more when it comes to orchids, and their ability to look graceful as an arrangement with height is one of the biggest reasons why it is such a best seller. These arrangements often come with a recommended vase.

Washing Your Clothes: Hands vs Machine—Which is Better?

Back in the days, our elders used to dedicate a ‘washing day’ to attend to a week’s load of laundry. But due to lifestyle change, the so-called ‘washing day’ was relegated to spare time that open up. And because hand washing consumes a fair amount of time, most of us prefer to use washing machines to that we can still attend to other tasks while doing the laundry.

Each have its pros and cons.

For hand washing, most say that if we wash our clothes by hand, they tend to last longer compared to washing it via machine. Some also argue that hand washing is more environmental friendly since requires no electricity. The use of a clothes dryer is also optional.

The downside of this method, however, is that is very time consuming and taxing to the body. If you are the type who can’t afford a day’s off because of work and other house chores, then hand washing might not be suitable for you.

Now for machine washing—since it is somewhat automated (depends on the model that you have), you’ll have enough room to attend to other house chores while the laundry is spinning its way to cleanliness.
Depending on the model that you have, yours may come with a clothes dryer tub. There are also models that have integrated washing and drying features in just one tub. They are more expensive to purchase of course, but it reduces your ‘interaction’ with your laundry. When it beeps, all you need to do is air dry your clothes, and you’re done.

Also, since it needs electricity to function, environment-conscious individuals might have second thoughts on purchasing one. However, thanks to technology, newer models of washing machines are designed to be energy efficient—not only in terms of electric consumption, but also on the water use as well.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

iPhone Vs. Samsung Vs. HTC

Of the three competing gadgets in Singapore’s telecom industry, which one is your pick?

The iPhone 5s
This is the go-to unit for those who want top-of-the-line mobile electronics. It’s a good bet though that not everyone who lugs around this iPhone—or any other iPhone out there—takes advantage or much less knows all of its features. Most shoppers pick this one over all others because of brand-recall. It’s the newest in Apple’s product line, after all.

iPhone repair in Singapore too is easy and makes for hassle-free transactions with direct iPhone repair Singapore centres. However, Apple itself has seen a steady decline in sales for the last few years, happening mostly after the death of Apple visionary Steve Jobs. Despite that decrease in sales, it’s still managed to retain its leader-of-the-pack status. However, Samsung—in terms of product sales—is already closing in from behind.

Samsung Galaxy S4
With a 5-inch display, this unit is larger than the iPhone 5s (at 4 inches) and HTC One (at 4.7 inches). It’s also expandable, an decided advantage for those who want this feature—which isn’t found in the iPhone 5s or HTC one. It also has NTC and has 3G and 4G connections. The Samsung unit comes with a front camera, a rear view and video-shooting capabilities that run up to 1080 pixels. It’s usb 2.0 compatible.   

Samsung’s popularity in the market soared with its sale of android-based mobiles. Consumers who wanted to own smartphones but didn’t want to spend top dollar were able to find alternatives in Samsung’s mobile product queue. Company sales are at a steady growth, putting the brand close competition to Apple.

If you do calls all the time, this HTC model could be the one for you. It allows for 27 hours of talktime on 2G and 18 hours on 3G—which makes it the champ over the Samsung Galaxy S4’s 17 hours of talktime on 3G and even trounces the iPhone 5s’ 10 hours on 3G.

It also has 500 hours of standby, which is certainly more than the 250 standby offered by the iPhone 5s and the 370 hours possible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 on 3G.                    

There are plenty of other features to compare. However, if you’re interested in picking out a model out of the three to take home with you, make sure you get not just one you have maximum use for but also one that won’t be a problem to deal with when repair time comes. Whether you choose the first, second or third, be sure to find out if an iPhone repair Singapore centre or a Samsung or HTC service shop is located near your office or where you live—to make for convenient trips if you ever find yourself in need of repairs for the unit.

Top 8 Cozy Serviced Apartments in Singapore

Planning on visiting Singapore for an extended period of time? Good decision! Singapore is a vibrant, bustling city, full of a mix of the modern and the traditional, melting into a culture that is distinctly its own. 

If you do decide to stay long, make sure to have the accommodations that would fit your needs and budget. Staying in a hotel might lose its charm after the first week or two, so why not book a place that would feel like home? A serviced apartment may just fit the bill!

A serviced apartment is the best of both worlds so to speak: it has the feel of a cozy home apartment with all necessary extras like a kitchen or a living area, but it has the luxurious amenities and attentive service of a regular hotel. Some serviced apartments link up with known hotels, so there’s even the added benefit of using hotel amenities when you want them. 

Be sure your home away from home is as cozy as can be! Here’s a list of serviced apartments to suit your fancy. 

1.      The SAIL at Marina Bay Sands. The Marina Bay Sands is known for its excellent and luxurious quality of rooms and facilities. The SAIL is a residential complex that gives you easy access to the city--from shopping malls to supermarkets to the bustling nightlife! Their rates are cheaper than staying at their hotel conterpart, but you can enjoy amenities like laundry service, 24-hour security and daily housekeeping.

2.      Orchard Parskuites. Located nearby strategic areas and MRT stations, Orchard Parksuites offers 223 modern apartments appointed luxuriously. You'll feel very welcome in their spacious lofts, ranging from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units. All needed amenities like kitchen appliances and home theater systems are available, plus free w-fi.

3.      Lanson Place Winsland. If you are thinking of cozy apartments, Lanson Place is the best place to get this. Tastefully designed apartments are both spacious yet evoke a warm, homey feeling. As a bonus, it's pet-friendly!

4.      Le Grove Serviced Apartments. Talk about refreshing luxury, and Le Grove can give you that! 97 furnished units are beautifully appointed with touches that make all the difference: carpeted flooring, extensively equipped kitchen, tasteful furniture and decor. 

5.      Village Residence Clark Quay. Village Residence feels like home. Apartments have luxurious touches like wood carvings and hand-painted ceramic tiles. Travelling with a baby? They have baby cots and high chairs upon request.

6.      Darby Park Executive Suites. You will love Darby Suites' modern and homey serviced apartments. Their rates come with breakfast, for more convenience. Enjoy basic amenities plus fully-stocked kitchens, living rooms and other appliances.

7.      Fraser Place Fusionopolis. This apartment building represents loft living, with en emphasis on health. Feel right at home with serene decor that evokes nature. It is also very accessible to the rest of Singapore thanks to the MRT line.

8.      Somerset Singapore provides a welcome respite after a busy day in the city. Fall in love with well-appointed and decorated rooms that have cozy, homey furniture. You can even make your own breakfast in the mornings thanks to a full-stocked kitchen in every apartment!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

List of 15 Foods that Trigger Acne Breakouts

For some people, they’ve gone beyond the stage of severe acne brought on by puberty. For the most part, their skin is pretty clear, until one unfortunate incident that causes them to break out like crazy. Some may chalk it up to the weather or maybe even just something random, but there may be a deeper explanation for that.

Did you know that your diet can cause your skin to react? These days, a poor diet can be the underlying cause of so many health concerns, and acne breakouts can be one of them. Sometimes, it’s not even a poor diet but an unbalanced diet that may cause breakouts. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different, what may be safe for some may not be safe for others. While there is a way to counteract this by paying attention to what you eat and checking which cause a breakout, not much may be done for breakouts that have already left effects on your skin. Getting a laser treatment for skin cells to heal is advisable to prevent any further damage.

Meanwhile, check this list of acne-triggering food. Some may be doing you more harm than good! A healthy, balanced diet full of whole food, grains and the occasional sweet treat is always the best course of action. If the situation is too dire, get a laser skin treatment for skin to be better than it is—it may also help prevent future breakouts.

  •  Shrimp—some shellfish may not agree with you! Studies show shrimp or certain kinds of shrimp can be the underlying cause of a breakout.

  • Spinach—Spinach contains iodine which can be a reason for a breakout. If you love spinach, be sure to cook it well and eat in moderation.

  •  Chocolate—It’s not about the fact that you eat it, it’s about how much of it you eat! Too much chocolate can cause you to break out because you may be ingesting more fat than you need.

  •  Bacon—This is a no-brainer. Greasy food is not good for your skin. If you must insist on bacon, try baking it or cooking it to remove most of the grease.

  • Spicy Food—Surprise, surprise! While spicy food is thought to raise your metabolism, some people don’t agree with spicy food in a different kind of way.

  • Processed food—Any kind of food that has preservatives or is mechanically processed, like some types of hotdogs and cold cuts may cause breakouts. Keep away that frank! 

  • Fast food—another common cause of breakouts is too much fast food. We don’t really know what goes into those greasy burgers and fries, so why will you let it affect your skin?

  • Packaged ramen noodles—The instant kind is chock full of preservatives you’re better off not having. It will show on your face. Besides, the fresh version is much tastier!

  • Cheeseburgers—Some cheeseburgers are too greasy, laden with cheese that could cause more grease to be ingested by your body.

  • Fries—Frying anything removes it’s nutritional value, so what you’re eating is basically little sticks of grease. Yuck!

  • Alcohol—Alcohol dries out your skin, affecting its natural elasticity. Too much paired with greasy bar food will have you reaching for the concealer for weeks.

  •  Nuts—A little goes a long way, so if you overindulge with the peanut bowl, you might have a breakout coming.

  • Processed cheese—You may not be able to process dairy products as well as other people but ingesting processed cheese may be the worst of them all.

  • Caffeine—too much sugary coke plus caffeine can result in a constellation of zits on your face that no sugar rush can hide.

  • Peanut butter—there’s a reason peanut butter is used and eaten sparingly; it’s way too rich! The combination of nuts and oils when taken in excess will be evident on your forehead.