Monday, February 24, 2014

Washing Your Clothes: Hands vs Machine—Which is Better?

Back in the days, our elders used to dedicate a ‘washing day’ to attend to a week’s load of laundry. But due to lifestyle change, the so-called ‘washing day’ was relegated to spare time that open up. And because hand washing consumes a fair amount of time, most of us prefer to use washing machines to that we can still attend to other tasks while doing the laundry.

Each have its pros and cons.

For hand washing, most say that if we wash our clothes by hand, they tend to last longer compared to washing it via machine. Some also argue that hand washing is more environmental friendly since requires no electricity. The use of a clothes dryer is also optional.

The downside of this method, however, is that is very time consuming and taxing to the body. If you are the type who can’t afford a day’s off because of work and other house chores, then hand washing might not be suitable for you.

Now for machine washing—since it is somewhat automated (depends on the model that you have), you’ll have enough room to attend to other house chores while the laundry is spinning its way to cleanliness.
Depending on the model that you have, yours may come with a clothes dryer tub. There are also models that have integrated washing and drying features in just one tub. They are more expensive to purchase of course, but it reduces your ‘interaction’ with your laundry. When it beeps, all you need to do is air dry your clothes, and you’re done.

Also, since it needs electricity to function, environment-conscious individuals might have second thoughts on purchasing one. However, thanks to technology, newer models of washing machines are designed to be energy efficient—not only in terms of electric consumption, but also on the water use as well.

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