Wednesday, February 19, 2014

List of 15 Foods that Trigger Acne Breakouts

For some people, they’ve gone beyond the stage of severe acne brought on by puberty. For the most part, their skin is pretty clear, until one unfortunate incident that causes them to break out like crazy. Some may chalk it up to the weather or maybe even just something random, but there may be a deeper explanation for that.

Did you know that your diet can cause your skin to react? These days, a poor diet can be the underlying cause of so many health concerns, and acne breakouts can be one of them. Sometimes, it’s not even a poor diet but an unbalanced diet that may cause breakouts. Since everyone’s body chemistry is different, what may be safe for some may not be safe for others. While there is a way to counteract this by paying attention to what you eat and checking which cause a breakout, not much may be done for breakouts that have already left effects on your skin. Getting a laser treatment for skin cells to heal is advisable to prevent any further damage.

Meanwhile, check this list of acne-triggering food. Some may be doing you more harm than good! A healthy, balanced diet full of whole food, grains and the occasional sweet treat is always the best course of action. If the situation is too dire, get a laser skin treatment for skin to be better than it is—it may also help prevent future breakouts.

  •  Shrimp—some shellfish may not agree with you! Studies show shrimp or certain kinds of shrimp can be the underlying cause of a breakout.

  • Spinach—Spinach contains iodine which can be a reason for a breakout. If you love spinach, be sure to cook it well and eat in moderation.

  •  Chocolate—It’s not about the fact that you eat it, it’s about how much of it you eat! Too much chocolate can cause you to break out because you may be ingesting more fat than you need.

  •  Bacon—This is a no-brainer. Greasy food is not good for your skin. If you must insist on bacon, try baking it or cooking it to remove most of the grease.

  • Spicy Food—Surprise, surprise! While spicy food is thought to raise your metabolism, some people don’t agree with spicy food in a different kind of way.

  • Processed food—Any kind of food that has preservatives or is mechanically processed, like some types of hotdogs and cold cuts may cause breakouts. Keep away that frank! 

  • Fast food—another common cause of breakouts is too much fast food. We don’t really know what goes into those greasy burgers and fries, so why will you let it affect your skin?

  • Packaged ramen noodles—The instant kind is chock full of preservatives you’re better off not having. It will show on your face. Besides, the fresh version is much tastier!

  • Cheeseburgers—Some cheeseburgers are too greasy, laden with cheese that could cause more grease to be ingested by your body.

  • Fries—Frying anything removes it’s nutritional value, so what you’re eating is basically little sticks of grease. Yuck!

  • Alcohol—Alcohol dries out your skin, affecting its natural elasticity. Too much paired with greasy bar food will have you reaching for the concealer for weeks.

  •  Nuts—A little goes a long way, so if you overindulge with the peanut bowl, you might have a breakout coming.

  • Processed cheese—You may not be able to process dairy products as well as other people but ingesting processed cheese may be the worst of them all.

  • Caffeine—too much sugary coke plus caffeine can result in a constellation of zits on your face that no sugar rush can hide.

  • Peanut butter—there’s a reason peanut butter is used and eaten sparingly; it’s way too rich! The combination of nuts and oils when taken in excess will be evident on your forehead. 

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