Thursday, January 23, 2014

What are the Basic Uses of Boom Lifts?

An aerial work platform may be familiar to some who are in the construction business. It is the term given to machinery that allows workers to reach inaccessible areas at a height. There are many various types of these machines, such as scissor lifts, boom lifts and cherry pickers, but they all have the same basic function in aiding workers in their jobs.

The boom lift, in particular, is one of the most common aerial platform machinery that is used in a wide variety of ways. Also called a cherry picker, boom lifts are characterized by a platform or bucket that is attached to a hydraulic lifting system. Cherry pickers may look a bit like cranes.

Boom lifts are very advantageous when operating in tight spaces. It has also the advantage of being operated on it’s own; a single person can operate the hydraulic lift through a control panel found on the bucket or platform. This way, the operator can position himself properly.

Cherry pickers are called as such because this was its intended use. It was designed for use in cherry and apple orchards, where workers needed a machine that would enable them to easily pick off the fruits from tall trees. It is still widely used in orchards today.

Boom lifts have now found other uses in commercial ventures. For example, boom lifts are used by window cleaners in their work, especially when they are contracted to clean tall buildings. In some cases, it is cheaper for them to contract the services of a boom lift rental shop, especially if they are based in suburban areas and occasionally do this type of work.

Cherry pickers are also known for their use by firemen. They are able to control this better than a regular ladder, and can aid in saving lives from tall buildings.

Boom lift rental shops have also started catering to those who need to do exterior painting on their homes and buildings. Since boom lifts offer premium control, professional painters can do the best job in providing excellent coverage.

Other people who also rent cherry pickers are members of production staff in movies. They allow for better angles and cinematography, since boom lifts can reach high and normally awkward angles. The camera can be mounted as the cinematographer controls the boom lift with the panel found on the platform.

Finally, boom lifts are most commonly used on construction sites and mining, where they get the most use in aiding workers to get to hard-to-reach areas.

No doubt, boom lifts are one of the most versatile construction machines that can be used by a wide variety of professions. Since they may be expensive, it is also an advantage to have rental facilities that would allow one short-term usage of the machine without having to invest a lot of money. 

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