Monday, January 20, 2014

What are the Alternative Uses of Pressure Washer?

A pressure washer is mechanical sprayer that uses high pressures to remove dirt, dust, grime, loose paint, mold, and webs in building, vehicles and all other concrete areas. There are gas powered pressure washers and there are electric powered ones. There is no clear distinction between the two (in terms of performance) but it appears that in more recent times the preference to gas powered pressure washers over electric powered ones.  Ever since its invention in the 1950s by Alfred Karcher, the pressure washer has been useful in many industrial companies. From the dust-free cleaning to cutting concrete and metal it has become very useful. But apart from its industrial use, there are also some alternative uses to this machine. In this article we discuss just that and hope to shed light on how the pressure washer can be used to its fullest.

1.      BBQ Grills
The dirt, grime and grease can get accumulated in the grills through time and degreasers just don’t do the trick. To do this, take out the grates and brickets then pressure wash the grates separately. Pressure wash the entire grill and do not forget to use a degreaser as well.

2.      Garbage Cans
Garbage can insides can be a thing for horror movies. Have you ever wondered how to remove that nasty dirt on the sides? Well a pressure washer should be helpful. But for this work be sure to adjust the pressure. You do not want to use it on a high mode as it may damage the garbage can.

3.      Lawn furniture
Lawn furniture should also find the pressure washer useful. Our tip is to scrub the cushion et. al. with soap and then blast it off with the washer.

4.      Window Screens
The garden hose can do the job really but all those grime and dust can be best removed by a pressure washer. Again learn to put it at low first before turning it up to avoid further damage to the screen.

5.      Garage floors
Oil and gasoline stains on the garage floors are best removed by a pressure washer too.

6.      Dog house/s
Your dog house is a haven for mold and ticks. The best way to deal with this is to use pressure washer with detergent and bleach maybe to clean it. You wouldn’t want your dog to have ticks and then bring them inside the house don’t you?

7.      The mower
Of course DO NOT use the pressure washer to blast of dirt in the mower. Instead, use it at the bottom side of the mower deck since it gets a lot of grass build up. To do this manually clean and scrape the mower deck and then blast it with the pressure mower.

These are just some of the alternative uses of the pressure washer. There are other uses of the machine proving its flexibility and usefulness.

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