Monday, January 20, 2014

Top 3 Plunger Pumps Manufacturers in Asia

A plunger pump is an important component designed to move fluids through high pressures and to transfer municipal and industrial sewage. Consulting engineers and contractors look for and invest in only the highest quality. With many specifications need to be checked like stroke volume, pump head, flow rate, pressure, power rating, and operating temperature, consumers in Asia rely on the best companies to deliver the best pumps. Three of the top plunger pump manufacturers in Asia are
ProMinent Group, Hanna Instruments, and CAT PUMPS. What's great about all these international manufacturers is that they are environmental-friendly companies, too.

1. ProMinent Group
Heidelberg, Germany-based ProMinent Group started since 1960 manufacturing components and systems for the Water and Waste water industry. Its presence is known in over 100 countries. The company has been an industry leader in the creation of environmentally friendly  and sustainable technologies in metering and water treatment. They have been a trusted partner in the storage, transfer and neutralization of liquid chemicals utilizing top-notch storage tanks, metering pumps and systems and polymer preparation stations. Their product line for economical water treatment includes different systems that work one after the other: chlorine dioxide, electrolysis, UV, ozone and membrane filter. The company does not only sell parts or components but helps optimize existing applications.

2. Hanna Instruments
Founded in 1978, Hanna Instruments is a leading manufacturer of electro-analytical instruments which concern pH, ORP,DO,TDS, EC, Turbidity, Temperature and so on. Its headquarters are in Woonsocket, Rhode Island in the USA and has 60 subsidiaries in more than 40 countries. Its product line boasts of over 3000 offerings to choose from ranging from plastic molding to glass blowing and chemical bottling to electronic assemblies. The company is on top of its product's qualities with its five manufacturing companies, each specializing in a product family to ensure excellence.  What made Hanna Instruments a fixture in the market is its introduction of a pH electrode with a built in temperature sensor. This component became common throughout the market as a great contribution to the Monitoring and Testing - Laboratory Equipment industry.

3. UniControls Asia

Cat Pumps specialize in high-pressure triplex piston and plunger pumps which made it a popular and dependable manufacturer in the market. This US-based company broke out in the market with the first triplex, reciprocating pumps designed for and catered to the car wash industry. These triplex reciprocating piston pumps introduced our patented, sleeved-piston rod. With its reputation for creative and pioneering high pressure and custom designed pumping systems, their plunger and piston pumps commonly serve a variety of industries like the Oil, Gas & Refineries, Automobile & Ground Transport, Energy Utilities, Government, Chemical & Pharmaceuticals, and Mining. Its 24-hour service guide pump diagnosis and solutions reviews sold pumping systems' performance and longevity. 

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