Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Birthday Flower: Its Symbolism of the Month

Since earlier times, humans are very fond of symbolism. Almost everything that they do should have a corresponding meaning. This becomes even truer in events that have significant meaning to them such as birthdays. In fact, they have birth stones, zodiac, and corresponding personalities to ones birthday. One of these that man has linked to their birthday is a birthday flower

A birthday flower is man’s way of correlating their birth month to a particular flower. This could symbolize the commonality between the people born in the same month, and attributed it to a certain flower which reflects their personalities. In that sense, a birthday flower has deeper meaning than just adornment for those individuals born in a particular month. 

If you do not know any of this, then it might be time that you should. The birthday flower for each month and what they symbolize are the following:

·         Carnation is for those who are born in January. This flower has always been known for how it fascinates people, thus making it the best flower to symbolize the welcoming of the New Year. 

·         Irises are for the individuals born in the month of February. The flower’s appearance is a combination of clue and white, which gives of a cool aura. This flower has always been thought of a representation of faith, wisdom, and hope. It might just be three qualities necessary for the month of Valentines. 

·         Daffodils are the symbol of rebirth as it is the first flower to bloom during spring. It conveys the warmth that new life is able to give off. 

·         April is the month of the Daisy. This flower basically represents innocence. 

·         Lilies represent the month when flowers bloom to their best. It might just be the representation of any flower known to man - fragrant and beautiful. This is the ideal that every flower should become. 

·         The month of June has always been associated with marriage, and that is why the birthday flower for people born in June is the rose. Though the flower can carry any kind of meaning, this mainly represents love and appreciation. It is the perfect symbolism for any bride. 

·         Larkspur has always been thought as lighthearted. The perfect reminder to the days one usually associates with summer. 

·         The month of August was a month which was named after a Roman Emperor, and at that time Rome was considered at its epitome of strength. That is why its birthday flower is the flower Gladiolus which symbolizes such trait. 

·         The flower aster symbolizes the month of September. Aside from accents, the way it blends with any flower makes it a good representation of love. 

·         People who are born on the month of October were always thought of as affectionate. As a result, their birthday flower is the Marigold. 

·         Cheerful is the perfect description for people born in November. That is why their birthday flower became the Chrysanthemum

·         December is the month of Christmas and the Poinsettia has always been the flower strongly connected to this celebration. This became so because of its symbolism of success and good cheer. The perfect flower to end the year. 

Humans are always fond of interconnectedness, and having a birthday flower for very month is one of them. It may or may not fit your characteristics; however, it can also be thought that there is a deeper meaning to the association of the month. At times, these are things that we may not be able to know about.   

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