Monday, January 20, 2014

Top Tips to a Hassle Free Valentines Celebration

A top floristin Singapore knows how hectic it can get days and sometimes even weeks before Valentine's day. The fanciest Singaporean restaurants like Gunther's and Shinji are getting booked up quickly just for that one day known as Valentine's day. Partners, boyfriends and husbands from all over struggle to find that romantic bouquet partnered with the most delicious sweet treats, usually chocolates, and follow it up with a dreamy and flawless dinner date. The top tips for a hassle free Valentine's day celebration are as follows.

Plan a dinner date in advance.
Book a table for two several weeks in advance - not a day or week before but several weeks. When choosing the perfect place to wine and dine that special someone, do some research. Read reviews online and/or ask around for recommendations from family and friends. Don't forget to confirm your reservation days before the date. In case you've gotten stuck in a rut and find out every fancy restaurant in Singapore is booked up, a better solution is to cook her favorite meal and prepare it at home. Nothing beats a romantic dinner at home prepared by you. Find out what dishes your date likes and practice creating it before the big night. And if a home-cooked meal isn't special enough, arrange the table with special dinnerware complete with scented candles, romantic music and fresh flowers. After the meal, pop in a movie she likes, run a luxurious bath for her or offer to give a foot massage.

Buy the perfect gift.
The perfect gift doesn't have to be themost expensive gift. Ask around for quotes on bouquets from different florists in Singapore and see what the best flowers to give are. Buy flowers one to two weeks ahead of time for the florist to prepare a special arrangement. Chocolates are always a good present for Valentine's but in case the recipient stays away from sweets or is lactose intolerant, think of other gifts of interest. It could be a book of her favorite author or even a heartfelt letter.

Save and budget money for the occasion.
Valentine's day does not have to be so expensive that it puts holes in your pockets but one does have to spend some money for the night to be more special. Plan ahead and list down all the expected expenses - dinner, gifts, etc. Trim down costs by getting in touch with different florists, restaurants and/or gift shops and choosing which one offers the lowest price for the most value. In terms of finances, know your limitations and do not overspend. During Valentine's, what is most appreciated is the time and effort given to make the day special.

Lastly, be yourself.

There's no better way to enjoy the date by being oneself and letting the date run its course stress-free. 

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