Thursday, January 23, 2014

What Should a Wedding Photography Package Include?

A wedding is one of the unforgettable events that couples would love to remember forever. Usually, photographs are their way of reliving the experience. When couples plan for their weddings, they also designate a part of their budget for photos, and even videos! Anyway, these photos are the only things they can bring back memories of their big day. So these couples make sure to get the package that covers everything they would want to have, such as the prenuptial photos and actual day photos.

Couples who cut down on their wedding photography budget often regrets and wish they have spent a little more and get what they really wanted. Wedding photos are investments and it is best to plan which photographer and what package to choose. Getting wedding photography packages definitely comes out cheaper than paying for the services individually. 

If you are in the business of wedding photography, you must be able to come up with ideal wedding packages to suit all types of customers and their budgets. These packages can be tweaked and adjusted according to your customer needs. You must first research on what couples usually look for wedding photography packages and how much, on the average, do these couples normally spend for wedding photos.

We have collected data from couples who are getting married and who were recently wed and concluded that Actual Day Photos, Prenuptial Photos /Engagement Sessions and Photo Booths are the top three services essential for wedding photos.

Wedding photos on the actual day is obviously first in the list. This is the most important part of a wedding photography package and should never be skipped. These photos include pre-wedding preparations, wedding ceremony and photos during the wedding dinner /party. Some packages also include slideshows of photos taken earlier during the day and presented during dinner. Prenuptial or Engagement photos are not a must, but have become a trend for wedding photos nowadays. Some couples liked to have their pictures taken to use in their wedding announcements, invitations and even souvenirs. Photo booths have also become one of the services couples get for their guests. Families and friends can take their photos taken during the event and have these photos as their souvenirs too! 

Almost all wedding photography packages offer unlimited shots which are all returned to the newlyweds burned on a DVD. Package prices often vary with the number of photos that will go through extensive editing, number of photos to be printed, number of hours for each service and which services will be included.

Normally the wedding photographers bundle these services. Below are some suggestions on how your packages should look like.

Regular Wedding Package (Actual Day Wedding Photography Services)
·         Unlimited photos burned on a DVD with basic editing
·         100 photo prints with extensive editing compiled in an album
·         Slideshow for wedding dinner

Silver Wedding Package (Actual Day + Prenuptial or Photo Booth Services)
·         Everything included in the Regular Wedding Package

Prenuptial/Engagement Session
·         Unlimited photos burned on a DVD with basic editing
·         20 photo prints with extensive editing
·         Photography session up to 4 hours
Photo Booth Services
·         2 hours of unlimited photos with customized border and /or background
·         All photos burned on a DVD (no editing)

Gold Wedding Package
·         Includes services from Actual Day, Prenuptial Session and Photo Booth Services
These packages can be adjusted depending on your clients’ needs and budget. Just always remember to help in making a better wedding experience for your clients and be a part in preserving these memories.

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