Thursday, February 20, 2014

iPhone Vs. Samsung Vs. HTC

Of the three competing gadgets in Singapore’s telecom industry, which one is your pick?

The iPhone 5s
This is the go-to unit for those who want top-of-the-line mobile electronics. It’s a good bet though that not everyone who lugs around this iPhone—or any other iPhone out there—takes advantage or much less knows all of its features. Most shoppers pick this one over all others because of brand-recall. It’s the newest in Apple’s product line, after all.

iPhone repair in Singapore too is easy and makes for hassle-free transactions with direct iPhone repair Singapore centres. However, Apple itself has seen a steady decline in sales for the last few years, happening mostly after the death of Apple visionary Steve Jobs. Despite that decrease in sales, it’s still managed to retain its leader-of-the-pack status. However, Samsung—in terms of product sales—is already closing in from behind.

Samsung Galaxy S4
With a 5-inch display, this unit is larger than the iPhone 5s (at 4 inches) and HTC One (at 4.7 inches). It’s also expandable, an decided advantage for those who want this feature—which isn’t found in the iPhone 5s or HTC one. It also has NTC and has 3G and 4G connections. The Samsung unit comes with a front camera, a rear view and video-shooting capabilities that run up to 1080 pixels. It’s usb 2.0 compatible.   

Samsung’s popularity in the market soared with its sale of android-based mobiles. Consumers who wanted to own smartphones but didn’t want to spend top dollar were able to find alternatives in Samsung’s mobile product queue. Company sales are at a steady growth, putting the brand close competition to Apple.

If you do calls all the time, this HTC model could be the one for you. It allows for 27 hours of talktime on 2G and 18 hours on 3G—which makes it the champ over the Samsung Galaxy S4’s 17 hours of talktime on 3G and even trounces the iPhone 5s’ 10 hours on 3G.

It also has 500 hours of standby, which is certainly more than the 250 standby offered by the iPhone 5s and the 370 hours possible with the Samsung Galaxy S4 on 3G.                    

There are plenty of other features to compare. However, if you’re interested in picking out a model out of the three to take home with you, make sure you get not just one you have maximum use for but also one that won’t be a problem to deal with when repair time comes. Whether you choose the first, second or third, be sure to find out if an iPhone repair Singapore centre or a Samsung or HTC service shop is located near your office or where you live—to make for convenient trips if you ever find yourself in need of repairs for the unit.

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