Sunday, October 26, 2014

What Sets a Singapore-Made Jewellery Apart From Its Southeast Asian Neighbors?

There are many reasons for Singapore to enthral its visitors. Among the diverse choices of tourist spots, forest reserves and shopping destinations, the city-state also boasts a number of the best jewellery shops in Southeast Asia. To support this claim, below are four features that set apart Singapore-made jewelleries from its Southeast Asian counterparts.  

Uniqueness. A first-timer in Singapore may always get the impression that every street corner has a jewellery shop. This is partly true since jewellery shops are ubiquitous in the city-state. However, the more informed tourists are aware of the best areas to locate the rarest jewelleries of Singapore. Such stores are located inside malls or in well hidden family-owned boutiques. Also, despite the number of singapore jewellery sellers, one may realize that every jewellery item in Singapore has no exact duplicate. This is because of the renowned ability of Singaporean jewellery-makers to infuse their local heritage in their designs. Fusion of modern craftsmanship with traditional designs is also evident in Singapore-made pieces.  

Beading. Another important characteristic of jewelleries produced in Singapore is the intricate beading process done. From stringing to wireworks, the Singaporean artists are highly knowledgeable on how to combine these beading techniques in coming up with creative designs of bracelets and necklaces. More importantly, Singapore-made jewelleries manifest profound ability of inter-mingling the beading design with rare gemstones. This is done through the weaving of the gemstones like amber or emerald with golden strings so as to produce exquisite beaded gemstone artworks.  

International flavour. Singaporean jewel makers are aware that they have a multitude of competitors among their Southeast Asian neighbours. To address this, the most popular jewellery houses in the city-state have teamed up with the best jewellers in Europe to produce exclusive lines of gemstone pieces. Such partnership is deemed to be a distinct feature of Singaporean jewellers since not all Southeast Asian jewellery boutiques are trusted by established European jewellery brands. Through the joint venture, Singapore is able to manufacture more innovative Asian designs with European touch.

Production standards. Since Singapore houses a number of jewellery-makers, both old and new, experts decided to establish the Singaporean Jewellers Association (SJA). This organization includes about 360 members who all follow the code of practice in jewellery production. The code of practice was established by the organization to protect the interest of the customers while making sure that all of its members maintain standard practices. Such practices include harnessing of gemstones, jewellery assembly, distribution and trading. By observing these standards, the SJA can be sure that all jewelleries produced in Singapore are not haphazardly made just to comply with the market demand but were produced in accordance with the ethical considerations of the Singaporean ancestry.   

Jewelleries made in Singapore are very competitive not only in Southeast Asia but also in the world. This is supported by the four features which are mentioned in this article. More importantly, jewellers in Singapore will surely come up with more inventive ways of producing gemstone artworks, an event that will further distinguish Singaporean jewelleries from the products of other nations.  

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