Monday, November 24, 2014

Latest Idea Designs on Office Renovation

More and more people these days are understanding the need to have inspiring spaces. One's environment can have a big impact on the way one works, whether it is at home or in the office. Those who work in jobs that require a lot of thinking, creativity and ideas may not find so much inspiration in a white box with black chairs. The solution? Tweak it up!

A good renovation may just be what is needed to boost productivity in your office. Look for a good renovation contractor who will understand the need of keeping it as a work space, yet a fun work space. Rent on offices is quite expensive, so unless you own the office space, it might be wise to find someone who can work within a budget, maximize the space offered by your current floor plan, and make your vision a reality.

Here are some office renovation ideas.

Open office floor plans. Nothing makes a worker more demotivated than going to work to meet a cubicle each day. If your workers have primarily office-based duties and don't go out much, consider making a chance to an open office. This makes the room seem brighter, less constricting, allows for more conversation to take place and won't make your workers feel like they are in a prison cell.

Meeting pods. If you're going to go through with an open floor plan, try making meeting pods for small meetings and brainstorming sessions. If you are a company that thrives on ideas, make these spaces conducive to bouncing off ideas. If you have a small space, you'll need a good renovation contractor to maximize the floor plan to include this.

Storage. Mobile peds are chunky, clunky and become a waste of floor space if they don't tuck under desks neatly. Instead of mobile peds, get your office renovation contractor to make smarter personal storage spaces on unused walls. Take a cue from high school lockers of yesteryears. Sometimes, less is more.

Color. Just because it's an office, don't be afraid to add color! New offices are very intent on including good design into their space, because a happy space motivates their employees much more! Whether it's painting the walls green or making a Rainbow wall on one side, make your office space cheery.

Greenery. No need to make your office space a concrete jungle. Add plants and greenery strategically. This adds some freshness to the space. If you're worried about getting soil or water on the floors, ask your office renovation contractor to suggest a solution that is low maintenance yet a win for all.

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