Monday, November 24, 2014

Things You Didn't Know About LED

LED, LED. Have you heard this term being thrown around lately? If you've been to the hardware store or the handyman store lately, you'll see that LED lightings are all the rage--and with good reason. Some people believe that LED lightings are just an expensive fad. Indeed, compared to incandescent bulbs, they are a little bit more expensive. However, they have a whole host of benefits that will be great for the homeowner or for the business owner.

Many new retail and business establishments are making the switch, mainly to keep up with trends and to save money on their electric bills. Experts predict that in a few years, majority will be using LED lightings in their homes, offices, establishments, mainly because of its numerous benefits to the pocket and to the environment.

First up, what you need to know about LED is that it is the most efficient lighting technology we have in the market today. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. It is more efficient that normal incandescent bulbs which we are used to. Those bulbs, when used, emit about 80% heat and 20% light from the energy it uses. This means for every dollar you spend using an incandescent bulb, you only get back 20 cents worth of light. LED lightings are so efficient that almost all the energy used is converted into light. So though you spend a little bit more on the unit itself, you won't need to change it for at least 15-20 years, and you save more on your electricity bill, too!

So because of this, it goes without saying that LED lighting is very environmentally efficient too. Producing it has less impact on the environment compared to neon, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Because it lasts longer, you don't have to replace it as often so it means you can produce less with your resources to meet the demand.

Other things you probably didn't know about LED? Unlike other lights sources, LED lightings do not wash out colors, which makes them perfect for displays and retail applications.

Lastly, LED lights are low-maintenance. Naturally, it would be great if our lighting systems didn’t burn out so often or require much maintenance! LED lights can withstand high and low temperatures, is durable, long-lasting and compact--so unless it starts dimming, you can pretty much forget it’s there!

With all these amazing benefits for the environment and for your pocket, it’s no wonder why LED lights are slowly replacing the old light fixtures of before. Jump on the bandwagon today and see how LED lighting’s benefits can change your life bit by bit.

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