Tuesday, November 25, 2014

HDB Renovation For Would Be Parents

One of the biggest changes that comes into any couples' life is the day they are finally expecting an addition to the family! It signals the start of an amazing adventure that will be a growing experience for everyone. So of course, in those early stages of basking in the pregnancy glow, it is also important to get planning your house to make room for a new baby.

A new baby is, naturally, not as experienced as an adult, and some baby-proofing is required to prepare for curious eyes and wiggly fingers once he/she gets past the newborn stage. There are certain measures that need to be taken before the baby comes into the world, because you might not have the presence of mind to remember once your life is wrapped up in the little one.

If you live in an HDB flat, some HDB renovation might be needed at this stage. This is a good time to hire the services of a contractor so that you can clarify with them any permits that may be required before you start renovating.

Some of the quick fixes you'll need to coordinate for are covering plug holes. Curious kids are eye level with these, so a safety cover is a must. Check your flat for any sharp corners or dangerous surfaces where a still-unstable walking one year old can run into, and ask help from your contractor to fix this.

For a baby, the most dangerous areas of the house are the kitchen, and the part of the house where you keep cleaning supplies and other potentially toxic fluids. Be sure to install locks on all the doors housing dangerous substances. In the kitchen, try not to keep sharp objects like knives and forks in plain sight. You can ask help from your contactor to install a small cabinet or countertop drawers to keep them hidden.

If your home has stairs, a child-locked gate at the top and bottom of the stairs will greatly decrease the risk of accidents. Windows should also be double-checked as they can be potentially dangerous for kids who can get a small thumb or finger caught in the frame.

Baby-proofing your house is essential in order to make sure you have some peace of mind. It is quite easy to get anxious in those early days of pregnancy, so you want to make sure you have all your bases covered! You can always consult with your parents or relatives or friends who have had experience in this department already—they can point you to the right direction so that this simple task doesn’t seem too overwhelming. If anything you can always make a timeline for this—you do have 9 months to prepare, after all!

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