Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 7 Things to Rent, Not Buy

Not quite sure if renting or buying your own stuff would be better? Here is a list of things you are better off renting than paying for the full freight: 

1.    Residential furniture
If you’re just going to stay there for a few weeks or months, maybe even a year or two, and you know you have another place to come home to, then there’s not much sense in buying a complete sofa set or that enormous cabinet you think you need for your temporary home. 

2.    Furniture for events
While it’s good to have a few extra chairs and tables to use whenever there are parties in your home, it’s not something every family has. So if you don’t have all those extra chairs, there’s no need to actually go out and buy them for that birthday party or reunion you’re hosting. Many companies rent furniture out. Just get in touch with event furniture rental Singapore-based companies and you’re good to go.  

3.    Apartment
Some people think buying an apartment or condo is a good investment. And it usually is, depending on the location of that apartment. However, buying one that’s a bit cheaper than most when it’s located so far away from the city is not such a wise decision, unless it’s in a touristy part of the country. Otherwise, just save your money by renting a place until you find the right condo or house for you, one with the right price at a prime location. 

4.    Business space
Some entrepreneurs are so excited about putting up their own business that they get locked into five year office leases. Don’t make that mistake. Go for a virtual office or service office that offers you flexible payment terms and options. 

5.    Car
You don’t need to drive to everywhere you go. Save up on transportation costs by taking the bus or MRT. 

6.    Machinery, gadgets or tools
Say you need a specific type of filter for your camera. Just for a photo shoot. Well, why don’t you ask around and see if there are companies renting out that specific filter? And maybe any other type of equipment you need? That’ll save you on costs. 

7.    Books
These days, there are plenty of ways you can get books for free. Ask them from friends or just go to the community library or maybe even download a few online. However, if you do want to support the work of the author, and you have money to spare, I say, buy those books. Let’s help art and artists find a way to survive in our society.
You could also put together book drives to collect books and make them available to kids or out-of-school youth. Maybe even have some rented to students at low, low prices. That’s one great way to rent out books.

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