Monday, September 29, 2014

Crossfit Routine and Equipments

Have you heard of Crossfit? It's the latest exercise that's taking the world by storm! What's so special about crossfit is that it never really needed any marketing to help it get popular. Thanks to word of mouth, crossfit enthusiasts came together in order to take part in this unique fitness regimen.

Crossfit is a core strength and conditioning program. The program describes itself to deliver fitness that is "broad, general and inclusive." It is designed to apply to almost any type of individual, as long as they have the dedication to go on with the program. It was based on the needs of many professional athletes, martial artists, military agents and police academies worldwide. But despite this, crossfit is more than just an exercise. It's also a lifestyle.

Crossfit classes are held in what is known as a "box," or a crossfit gym. When you enter a Crossfit gym, you will see many varied kinds of equipment in the space:  barbells, kettlebells, pull-up bars, and gymnastic rings scattered around the room. No fancy dumbbell racks, no mirrors, no television sets.

A crossfit gym is called a box because crossfitters believe that the space provided is ample for crossfit training. In the box, trainees can do their WODs which stands for Workout Of The Day. Many boxes emulate the WODs found on the crossfit website, but not all do these. Crossfit grew through word of mouth, and it is the WODs which is at the core of the training. Hence, all Crossfit gyms will have the equipment necessary for WODs, whether it's bench-pressing or simply running 10km.

Crossfit promotes the value of hard work. One of its main principles is to address weaknesses in order to improve overall fitness. Working with weaknesses first helps people work harder, which coaches believe changes them for the better as well.

Interested in Crossfit? Singapore is home to several gyms that offer Crossfit for reasonable rates and schedules. You can also go for introductory sessions to get a feel of crossfit before committing to the entire program. With crossfit, it's not as much about your physical fitness level that's the key to your success, but your dedication and determination. Most crossfitters do start out as beginners, but their determination as well as support from their fellow trainees help them push to get to their goals.

With crossfit, as well as a good lifestyle involving a balanced diet, less stress and ample sleep, you will find yourself on the way to better health in no time!

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