Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Best Study Habits

Studying can be a struggle for many students especially if they cannot focus on their study session because they are distracted with other several things. Most students think that the amount of time they spent in studying will help them memorise things more or pushing their limits by cramming. However, studying smarter is the key to effective studying. Below are five habits that any student can use when studying.
1. Set your mindset
The way people approach how studying is important to them can make a huge difference. Many people takes it too seriously without thinking that they will benefit from it and learn something new. It is the reason why they get bored and later lose their interest in studying. People need to set their mindset that studying can be fun and exciting. There are times that people cannot focus on studying because they are thinking of other things like relationship problems, extra-curricular activities, and projects for other subjects. Without focus, it will be hard for anybody to put their mind and attention in a certain thing. It will be helpful if one should just come back to studying once they are ready.
Improving one's mindset towards studying can be a bit tricky but believing in oneself is the first thing to do. There might be other instances that you did not do well on your subject but you should think that you needed to improve and that is what you will do. We have our own abilities and skills that we're good at and you have to remember these when you are studying. Avoid thinking that you cannot do something especially if you are left with little time just believe in yourself that you can pull it through. Lastly, do not compare yourself with other people because it will make you feel bad about yourself and later lose your confidence.
2. Find your spot
Most people often search for quiet places like library, coffee house, and tuition centres in Singapore. These places can be a good spot to study because you can concentrate and there will be no distraction. When looking for a place to study, it might be helpful to make sure that there will be no object that might distract you. Some students want to stay in their house or bedroom while studying but there will be a big chance that they find more interesting things to do like watch TV, play video games, or just surf the internet. Distractions can make it harder for students to digest what they are studying.
There are also students who are comfortable to study in student lounges where they can see many people or hear a little bit of noise just to keep them energize while studying. Some students do not like studying in libraries where it is so quiet that they get bored. Have time to visit different places where you think you can comfortably study and conducive to learning. Finding the perfect place will help you in the long run.
3. Gather your things
After finding your spot where you can study, you should bring every single thing that you need during your session. These things might include a notebook, books, pens, pencils, calculators, or reviewers that will help you keep on track. Forgetting something and running back and forth just to get it is time-consuming and will lessen your energy. Take time to look at your things and pick the ones you really needed during the session. If you think playing music while studying can help, bring your music player to keep you lively.
Keep in mind that you only need to bring just what you need and leave everything that you do not need or just might distract you when you are studying. This distractions might include your laptop where you can just do other things with it like watch a movie, play games, chat with your friends, watch videos, and other stuff that will get your interest. Remember to leave your laptop if there is no need. If you can just jot down notes using pen and paper then just do it. But if you really need to bring your laptop, avoid connecting to the internet to stop you from just getting online and forget to study.
4. Investigate yourself
Being comfortable to your study practices are essential to keep you interested and make learning more fun and exciting. Aside from knowing where to study and ways can do it, another thing to be considered is investigating whether you can learn more all by yourself or with a group of friends. Try studying by yourself and studying with friends to let you know in what situation you will more comfortable. You would not know what study habit is perfect for you if you would not try the options.
There are students who paid for a math tuition or for other subjects so that there will be a professional who would teach them. Some students on the other hand prefer to study by themselves and practice some exercises to help them memorise the notes they made. In addition, some students also enjoy studying with their friends because they can review each other and they can share review materials. Keep in mind that your friends should have the same academic aptitude with you to make sure that you will not end up on chatting and forgetting to study.
5. Highlight and re-write
Have you seen books of your classmates filled with notes or highlighted sentences? This is because it helps them memorise and understanding what they are studying. Investigate yourself and think of ways that you can do to help you absorb everything that you needed to learn. Avoid borrowing your classmate's notes and just copy what they highlighted because people have their unique ways to put important information together. Students should put the notes into their own concepts and words to fully understand what they are memorizing.
Studying while using as many senses as possible would also help in memorising. Writing the relevant notes is one way to use other senses because you put information in your own terms and words that you understand. Reading the notes aloud is also another way to use your other senses. What you read with your mouth can retain important information to your head and later use it during the recitation or examination.

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