Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to Spend Your 18th Birthday in Style

Adulthood comes only once in a lifetime. People will be coming, so you better prep up. After all, this is your day. This milestone in your life will be always be remembered might as well celebrate it with the ones you love. Splurge in order to give that lasting impression and welcome your adulthood with a bang. Below are some ideas on how to celebrate your 18th birthday in style.
Throw a slumber party
Having sleepover party at the house is fun, but doing it in a five star hotel is definitely even better. Send your girlfriends an invite and enjoy your birthday in a luxurious bedroom. Decorate the room based on your desired party theme and give your friends a customized eye masks or pair of pyjamas that can serve as a souvenir to your party. Swim in the pool, watch chick flick movies, play games and drink a nice wine with your friends as you wait until midnight.
Go abroad
Take a trip to a country that you've always dreamed of going. Bring your friends or your family to celebrate with you. Still got no idea on where to go? Then, book a holiday package in Malaysia and enjoy the sceneries and adventures that this country can offer. Go to beaches, famous landmarks, and discover the wonders of this Southeast Asian country. Your 18th birthday can be worth celebrating if you avail a package holiday.
Enjoy a movie night
Celebrate your birthday while watching your favourite movies with your friends. Decorate your entertainment room and give it a home theatre vibe. Make an invitation like a movie ticket and serve your guests lots of popcorns and refreshing drinks. If you have a large backyard area, you can throw an outdoor movie party by renting a projector, movie screen and audio system.  
Get a makeover
Head over to a spa and salon to give you a makeover. Invite your best gals and treat them too. Welcome your adulthood with a new look and a new you. Have a manicure, pedicure, foot and hand spa while chatting with your friends. You can also hire someone who do home services and enjoy pampering yourself in the comfort of your home. Surely your guests will definitely love this relaxing treat.
Party on wheels
Rent a limousine or a party bus and celebrate your party on wheels.. There are car rental companies that offers birthday package that can be perfect for you and your friends. Have fun in a luxurious ride which is built to entertain your guests with the stereo system, widescreen television, accent lights, and a bar area to serve you some cocktails or wine while you travel around the town.

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