Thursday, November 26, 2015

Does a Serviced Office in Singapore Make Your Company Efficient?

Efficiency is defined as a task performed in the best possible means, with little or no waste of time, effort, and other resources. Through the years, people have been trying to come up with the best ways to save on resources, maximising gains, and lessening expenses through all available channels. And in the office space business where a tiny space in the central business district equates to thousands of dollars a month, it surely was not considered an option by many, especially by start-ups. Luckily, some smart fellow might have thought of leasing a whole floor or several floors on a building and dividing it into several parts, to have it rented out by smaller companies. The concept of wholesale and retail is involved here, with the big player buying in bulk, and smaller enterprises renting out rooms. And that is where a serviced office in Singapore does its job well. Let’s take a look at how efficient serviced offices can be for companies:
Prime Business Address for a Fraction of the Cost
Housing your start-up business somewhere along the city centre may surely be out of context. Because of the skyrocketing rental costs, the thought of it may not have even crossed your mind just yet. But with a serviced office, holding your office in a bustling business district is indeed feasible. You no longer have to struggle in a home office or those shabby places in the suburbs; you can jump to a modern office right away, in the heart of the city. The prestigious address that you are paying for a fraction of the cost is a sure-fire way to build a professional image for your company, attracting more clients and potential employees and business partners. So yes, serviced offices are cost-efficient because you don’t need to shell out a hefty amount for leasing a huge office space and get tied to it for years; you only pay the area of space and services that you are using, in monthly terms without any commitment.
People Working for You Without Including Them on Your Payroll
Another advantage of having a serviced office is having people work with you and support you without the need to pay them. One flat rate is all it takes for you to get your own operator to answer your calls in your company name, forward your calls, receive and handle your mail, receive visitors, and support you in whatever issue you have concerning your office. One flat rate is all it takes to have security roaming around the areas, ensuring everyone’s safety, helpers cleaning up the pantries, bathrooms, office rooms, and hallways.
Maintenance is another big factor for tenants, as these are supposedly shouldered by them. However, a serviced office provider takes that load off your shoulders and ensures that all structures, facilities, and equipment are in tiptop shape. You are just left to sit back and attend to the more important matters of your business.
Zero Investment on Renovation, Furniture, and Equipment
A traditional office space is usually bare when leased. Looking for the perfect contractor and interior designer, and having your office space built to your specifications definitely takes a lot of time and puts a lot of stress especially if you have a limited budget. Also, procurement of furniture and equipment takes time and costs a lot. Oftentimes, companies scrimp on these things just for the sake of having something to sit on and use for the meantime. These flimsy equipment may do more harm than good because these are what employees will use every day, meaning it will be prone to wear and tear. So, what can you do if you don’t want to invest in all these things? Rent a serviced office.
The era of the serviced offices has just started very recently so expect these offices to embody a clean, sleek, and modern design. These serviced offices are also equipped with high-speed internet, quality desks, chairs, and various equipment for all tenants to use. These are all part of the flat rate that a tenant pays for every month. There is no downtime because there aren’t renovations needed. Everything is already properly set up, ready for you to move in.
In totality, a serviced office in Singapore saves you time by not having to renovate, design, apply for utilities, set up the internet, and procure all sorts of things before starting your operations. It saves you money by having to pay only for the amount of space that you are occupying, as well as only the services that you use, nothing more. It also gives you a corporate professional image for a fraction of the cost, somewhat a form of marketing, drawing in more clients and stakeholders because your office is located in a legit place of business. And all that helps make your company efficient in so many ways!

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