Saturday, April 26, 2014

Top Advices on How Not To Spoil Your First Born Child

Parenthood is exciting in Singapore. This is because the area offers a lot of avenues for parents to care for and indulge their kids on the finer things in life. But how far should parents go? For first time parents, the case is worse since Singapore is now witnessing sky high records of over-pampered first born kids. To prevent yourself from being another guilty parent, here are the top advices on how not to spoil your first born child.

Set age-appropriate rulings. Depending on the age of your child, as a parent, you must learn to set rules that suit them well. At age 3, enforce strong rules regarding sleep and play time. When your child reaches 7, train him or her to prioritize the completion of homework over TV watching or video games. The rules that you will set during the formative years of your child will build their disciplinary framework through their lifetime.

Be clear with negotiable and non-negotiable rules. Negotiable rules describe guidelines where the opinion of the child matters. For example, parents can decide on the genre of movies that their child can watch but a 6-year old kid has the capacity to choose between Disney movies or Pixar cartoons. However, parents must be strict on the enforcement of rules concerning table matters, respect to the elderly and obedience to parents. More importantly, all the other adults in the household must convey the same degree of sternness. Therefore, it is important for parents to find a day time confinement lady who will adhere to the implementation of the rules in a very authoritative yet caring manner.

Don’t give in to tantrums. No one knows how to target an adult’s emotional functions better than the little children. These small people know well how to appeal to their parent’s or relative’s emotions. When your kid begins throwing in tantrums, don’t be the defeated parent who succumbs to your child’s wants. Instead, you must assert your role. If you will change your mind in response to your child’s bad temper, they will make it a habit to manipulate you with their tantrums and before you know it, you have already lost your child’s respect.

Teach them the value of waiting. Learning the value of waiting helps children to deal with frustration. This trait is very important since human life lets us experience a lot of frustrations. If they will successfully deal with the idea of waiting 30 minutes in order for you to serve their favourite baked cookie, or if they can wait 3 months for their much-awaited birthday present, then they are already developing the necessary techniques to deal with the failures and nuisances that the real world can offer.

Be realistic with praises. Praises are important to boost a child’s self-confidence. Unwarranted praises, however, can lead to boastful children. Because of this, parents must learn to give praises only when the kid has done an excellent work and not on the mediocre ones.

Parents don’t live forever. In the future, your kids will be left alone in this planet so they should know how to live independently.  Hence, if you effectively manage yourself from spoiling your children then you are giving them adequate training to become stronger people when they grow up.

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