Friday, April 25, 2014

Why You Should Become Part of ERA Singapore?

Do you want to have a career in real estate? If you do, you should consider applying in ERA Singapore.

ERA Singapore is considered to be one of the pioneers in real estate development in Singapore. Ever since it was established in 1982, it has developed concepts and initiatives in property development that resound in the industry up until today. Their standards have become the standards in the Singapore real estate industry. 

Throughout its existence, ERA Singapore has garnered numerous awards making them the undisputable number one in the Singapore real estate industry. Notable among these achievements is the SISIR ISO 9002 compliant, an industry certification awarded to developers for outstanding practice in the whole industry. ERA Singapore is the first company in Singapore awarded this certification. 

With its achievements and undoubtedly high quality service, a lot of people are very eager to be part of the ERA Singapore family. Here are some of the most common reasons why a lot of people want to become part of ERA Singapore.

ERA Singapore is the one of the leading real estate developers in Singapore. A lot of people primarily want to become part of ERA Singapore because of the fact that it is one of the top property developers in the city-state. Why not, if you wish to be part of something, why not affiliate yourself with the best around? ERA Singapore’s reputation of quality service is incomparable even to its near competitors.  

The working atmosphere is dynamic and flexible. If you become part of the ERA Singapore family, you will enjoy the dynamic and flexible working atmosphere. Employees are given the privilege to explore and improve their skills on their own and, of course, with the guidance of the company. All in all, as part of ERA Singapore, you will be assured of your ERA career Singapore development. 

The mission of ERA Singapore is to be the “first in service and first in results.” They know that they will not realize this task if they will not allow their employees to grow and develop alongside their company. 

They have extensive training programs for their employees. One of the best benefits of being part of ERA Singapore is the extensive training and development programs for their employees. The company understands that the expectation from a real estate salesperson extends from plain selling skill. An ERA Singapore salesperson must have current, innovative and insightful ideas. They should also be a strategic problem-solver and must be able to sort out their priorities to reach good results. 

To achieve this, ERA Singapore prepares numerous programs for their employees such as communication skills development course, industry knowledge and leadership trainings and real estate salesperson course.

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