Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What Are the Things to Bring When Going To Singapore?

Every year, more and more tourists visit Singapore for many reasons, may it be for leisure like dining, shopping and checking some of their famous spots. Others go there for business or employment where there are also a lot of opportunities. Either way, going to Singapore will leave you with no regrets. Going here is easier for most too as they don’t require Visa. So what else do you need to know aside from the many good things to do here? We have a list of things to bring to make sure you are fully packed to Singapore!

Bring Light Weight Clothes

It can be quite hot and humid in Singapore so it is best to bring light colored clothes. You may pack your favorite shorts, tank top and t-shirts, cotton shirts to be specific. If you’re feeling dainty, you can also bring dress and sandals. Do make sure to also carry hand towel during summer weather. Reserve some blazers or cardigans in case going to stores, restaurants or hotels as some may have dress codes.

Bring Your Mobile Phone

Don’t forget to stay connected and share the moment when traveling to Singapore. You can use your mobile phone Singapore not just to keep in touch but also to take photos and upload it right away! You can use the WiFi connection as early as stepping in the Changi Airport! Another good news for “connection” seekers, coming mid this year (2014) there will be free WiFi connection at the 28 MRT stations in the country! Not only that, all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Gloria Jeans, and McDonalds’ outlets have free Wifi too!

Bring Your Photo Equipment

If you’re not contented to your phone’s camera, then be sure to pack your digital cameras too! This is a common advise to travelers as you would know. Capture each moment as they say. You can go one hundred percent sure by packing more than one memory card and battery, or even adapter. But if you’re using an analog camera and you ran out of films or would need to develop photos, there are developing services on most photo center in Singapore. If you forgot to bring any photo device though, finding the cheapest mobile phones in Singapore won’t be so hard either.

Bring Enough Budget

And when you mean enough, make sure it is synonymous to contingency. Have a good list of what to spend and where to spend before flying. You could be tempted with the many commercial centers selling world famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. You may also want to relish on the many food selections on One Orchard, Sentosa, or even Little India. Lastly, the beautiful scenery, which most of the time may come in free!

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