Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How to Maximize the Space in the Office?

Having an office space in the metropolis of Singapore is an honour on its own but to effectively utilize this space is another matter. Oftentimes, businesses are given a small office space, with which they have to fit in all furniture, computers, filings of documents and employee’s work and breathing space. Given this kind of situation, it is a matter of the employers and employees combined artistry to make the most out of this commercial area. Here are a few of the proven ways to maximize space in the office.

Emphasize the interior design. For a start up company, it is important that the owner focus on the d├ęcor of his workplace. This includes, but is not limited to, the wall colour, lighting and room divisions. Many office spaces are painted white because this creates the impression that the area is spacious. But if you prefer more vibrant colours, be sure that the hues you will use will complement each other to achieve a relaxing ambience. For lighting, choose those that can be attached to ceiling or wall and not the bulky stand or desk lamps. Another trick to evade the claustrophobic effect of offices is through the usage of mirrors. Mirrors placed near windows can provide the impression of a continuous legroom.

Use the vertical space. Office materials are usually scattered on the floor or tables. Address this by maximizing the vertical space. Make use of a Racking storage system to organize your bulky office folders and books. Allow wall hooks to be placed accordingly one each of your employee’s cubicles for hanging of bags or clothing. Place bulletin boards and white boards in such a way that they will occupy the wall space without being too overwhelming.

Love the soft copies. Whenever possible, avoid printing of papers. Tell your employees to edit documents virtually and resort to printing only when the final version of reports is made. Also, when requesting for the resumes of your applicants, tell them to submit soft copies only. This trend for paperless transactions is taking its popularity worldwide, as per request of many ‘green’ groups. By following this development, you will not only lessen the need for a paper cutter but will also contribute to a sustainable paper economy.

Get rid of the clutter. If your company has been operating for years already, chances are that half of your office space is dedicated to unwanted clutter. Remove these eye sores by organizing quarterly or bi-annual team clean up. Tell your employees that while it is entertaining to see their vacations pictures posted on their cubicle desks, creating a photo album out of their walls are chaotic. Also, create an inventory of the documents that your office is maintaining. Keep only the pertinent ones. If you still hold a file of the workshop you had 10 years ago, the content of it may be obsolete now so you may opt to discard this and retain a copy of the updated version.

A disorder in the physical space creates confusion in the consciousness as well. Surely, an entrepreneur doesn’t want his business to be run by confused workers. Hence, organizing the workplace by maximizing the office space can result to numerous positive results at work.

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