Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top 8 Famous Ingredients in Singaporean Dishes

Singapore cuisine has made a big impact in influencing their neighbouring countries. Because of this, dishes and preparations looks actually the same. So the question is, what makes them different and unique among others? The answer my friend relies on the ingredients that is almost available to every dishes that they have.

Have you ever wondered, of the best cuisine that can be found in Singapore? Or maybe some alternative ingredients that you can use in a certain dish? You can always rely on reading food blog, for their main purpose is to help and educate you with different food information.

Here are some of the lists of ingredients that is commonly known for Singaporean Dishes:

1. Rice Noodles - Unlike in the Philippines where noodles are made of eggs and flour. Here in Singapore noodles are made from rice, flat and white rice noodle.

It is commonly served with Clams and Chinese sausages. You can also add chili sauce or chili flakes depending on your preferences. This dish is called Fried KuehTeow. This dish is also available in China but is commonly ordered in Singapore.

2. Sambal - As much as Singaporean love Hainanese Chicken and seafood, they also love sambal.
Sambal is a chili paste which can be added to anything. Its versatility and the power in adjusting and blending to every dish make it an important ingredient in every dish. It is blended with candlenuts, shallots and fermented shrimp paste.
3. Pork Offal - this is the term use for pork stomach and intestines. Preparation of this ingredient is simple. All you have to do is braised in soy sauce and other herbs. You can also add pig tongue and ears depending on your taste buds.

4.Tofu – this is also one of the versatile ingredient among the listed here. It can be eaten as it is or have it deep fried. It is also best to add in soup with noodles. It blends well and adds texture and taste. Best to be ad

5. Nuts – this ingredient can be added to almost anything. From dumplings, soup and dessert.
The nutty favour adds additional aroma and texture to the dish too.

6. Lemak – is a coconut cream usually added in rice called NasiLemak. This dish actually came from Malaysia and is a favourite dish by Singaporean too. Though to make it a little different they now add sausages, fish cake, fried chicken wings and vegetables along with the nasilemak.

7. Curry –Singaporeans love for curry came from Indian cuisines like Fish head curry. The dish itself is purely Singaporean though.

8. Flour – Their love for dough is evident in the dishes they like. Such dishes would be curry puff, Murtabak and Roti prata.

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