Thursday, March 27, 2014

Washing Clothes by Hand vs. Washing Machines

One inevitable chore that you have to do when living on your own is doing the laundry. Most people hate this chore and try to work around it by bringing home a bagful of dirty laundry when they visit their parents—but seriously, how long will you depend on mom to do your laundry for you?

Washing clothes is actually a chore that won’t need to be difficult if you work out a system or a schedule. First order of business is deciding how you want to wash your clothes. If you live in a condominium or apartment, it might be smarter to invest in a washing machine. Most new washing machines are small enough for condo living. There is even a washing machine model that also has a dryer function. This is space-saving and energy-saving. It means that you can get more use out of one machine.

However, using a washing machine for your clothes may have some unexpected cons too. Washing your clothes too often using a washing machine may wear them out or make them fade too early.  It may also use up more energy. A washing machine will also need regular checking and maintenance: cleaning the lint screen, draining the machine thoroughly, etc.

If you want a little more care for your clothes, you may consider hand washing them. This ensures that you are able to wash them the way they need to be cared for. This is especially great for clothes that are delicate, like lace, or clothes that have stains that need to be cared for differently.

Whether you choose washing by machine or hand washing, set a schedule for your laundry so it fits in seamlessly with your day. One load is usually enough for clothes of one or two people. This means you can just have one morning to do a load of whites, then a load of colored clothing. If using a washer and dryer, you can dry immediately after washing and set aside for ironing.

If you prefer hand washing, split it up in two sessions so you don’t feel tired. A great tip is to have separate hampers for white clothing, colored clothing and undergarments. This way you don’t need to spend more time segregating clothing on laundry day; you can just toss in your used clothing in the appropriate hamper after taking a bath. You can do the whites on a weekend morning and the coloreds on a weekday morning since they require less maintenance.

Do more research on the best kind of washing method for you. In general, using a washing machine is much more convenient than hand washing, and most will opt for this. 

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