Thursday, March 27, 2014

Uses of Air Pressure Tanks in Different Industries

Industries nowadays use complex systems to deliver tasks fast and efficient. Machines have become more and more complicated as time goes by, but still, the main purpose of different equipment is to make the job easier with lesser manpower and faster time.

Among the most used facilities in factories and industries today are air pressure tanks. From the term itself, air pressure tanks make use of compressed air to move objects fast and efficient. Different industries use different air pressures, depending on what materials need to be moved.

Air pressure tanks are closed containers that hold gases at a substantial pressure. Tanks are usually cylindrical in shape and its size usually vary per use. Most air pressure tanks are made of steel, making it sure that no air can pass through any holes.

Air pressures in big industries are used in moving huge amounts of chemicals and other liquid and solid materials. For example, big manufacturers of food and beverages use air pressures to distribute their product easily. Pharmaceutical industries also make use of air pressure to make high-quality medicines and to make sure that waste products are segregated properly.

For big commercial establishments, air pressure tanks are used in heating, ventilation and conditioning industries.

Air pressure is also used in managing sewage in municipalities and cities. By using air pressure, waste products are moved efficiently without any spill overs that could harm the people.

For water utilities, air pressure is used to make sure that water is delivered to each household. Without air pressure, it will be difficult for water to come out of the faucet, as the places where people live in vary in latitude. Tall condominiums and skyscrapers also need air pressure to make sure that water flows properly even up to the highest point of any building.

Air pressure tanks can also be used in storing chemicals and liquefied gases such as ammonia, chlorine, butane and liquefied petroleum gas. Air pressure tanks are used in mining operations, oil refineries and petrochemical plants.

Among the most popular air pressure tank is what divers use to breathe underwater. With air pressure tanks, divers can submerged in different depth of water. Oxygen tanks contain highly compressed air to provide sufficient air for divers when they are under water. Divers can select the pressure to be used while breathing.

However, people must always be careful in using air pressure tank, as most accidents do occur when use is improper. For you to know how to use air pressure tanks, you may contact a supplier. If you see that there are already problems with your air pressure tank, it is best to call an expert, as pressure vessels are highly dangerous. 

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