Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top 5 Best Wedding Photographers in Singapore

Weddings are just few of one’s lifetime events that should be captured and kept to be remembered even as years go by. There are lots of things to prepare for a wedding. From the shoes, the dress, to the suit and tie, each are detailed to make the bride and groom the perfect pair they have always been. The flowers, drapes, the lights that beautify the ceremony area are given with much effort to make sure everyone experience heaven within heaven.

From the things that surround the wedding ceremony to the guests that witness it, the actual day wedding photography should be equally great as well on capturing these wonderful moments.

There are many skilled wedding photographers all over the world that has proven themselves worthy of the fame. In Singapore alone, there are a number of wedding photographers that are booked by some of the country’s prominent couples.

Get to know these five best wedding photographers in Singapore:


Founder of the Singapore-based photography company ‘2 of Us Photograhy’, Cole Kor is a member of the Fearless Photographers and already won 9 awards from different categories making him the Photographer of the Quarter Spring 2013. He has received numerous testimonials of satisfaction from his many clients already.


He started photography on 2002 with Raymondfotogpraphie and six years after, he wanted to give it a new approach. This time he combined marriage with a journalistic wedding documentary style, and thus Raymond Phang Photography was born. He received the 2008 Singapore Young Photographer Award and was noted for his humility. He also does corporate photography and have worked with great brands already.


Duncan of Duncan McCall Photography knew he had it ever since he was little. He considers meeting new and different people as added perks to his career. He also has a Newcastle based studio and has worked with both wedding and corporate clients. He is very hands on with the details the soon to be wed couples ask for. He lets you sit down with him as he presents sample where you could choose the closest style he could use as guide.


Derrick Ong just recently received two awards from the ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest for Venue or Location category and Bride Portrait Category. These though are just an add up to the other over 50 international awards he received. Derrick Ong believes that simplicity is the key to let the moment shine through.


Paul Santos is a full time professional documentary wedding photographer.  He was able to obtain an International Licentiateship qualification in wedding photography through The British Institute of Professional Photography. Paul Santos also garnered great reviews from his clients as a wedding photographer.

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