Thursday, March 27, 2014

What Gifts Can You Give In The Office?

Corporate gifts are customary to give during holidays or special occasions. They can stand as special tokens of appreciation for the valued hard work your employees have put in building the company. Most companies strive to gift something to their employees during Christmas or New Year, and during special holidays like Chinese New Year or Diwali.

Giving corporate gifts to your employees is also a great way to boost morale within the company. Receiving small surprises that are useful will brighten their day and it will also help reinforce your objective of valuing those who work for you and taking care of their needs.

The best kind of gift you can give in the office is food. Whether it's simple sweets like cookies and cake, your employees are sure to appreciate something that will perk up their day. You can even give them a free lunch--so to speak. This is also a great way to show appreciation randomly.

For Christmas and New Year, you can give them a gift hamper or grocery hamper that includes various special food stuff to celebrate the holidays. Another option is to go the tried and tested route in giving corporate gifts: gifting personalized items. Personalized corporate gifts from a company are very good to give because not only are they well thought out, they also reinforce the branding of your company, which helps greatly in marketing.

Common gifts that can be personalized and given to employees include umbrellas, planners, wallets and desk organizers. If they are a little boring for your taste, you can up the ante. Try getting personalized portable hard disk drives and flash drives or laptop cases and accessories to give away. With everyone being gadget-obsessed these days, they are very useful gifts to give. Incidentally, these kinds of corporate gifts can also be given to major stakeholders in the company as a token of appreciation.

Other corporate gifts that you can consider are bags, personalized bottles, towel sets, items for the home, etc. Err on the side of caution when giving corporate gifts: it is always best to give something thoughtful and useful than something expensive.

The best kind of corporate gift you can give to your office is the product or service your company offers. If it is appropriate, you can give this as a token because it shows that you are extremely confident in what you want to sell, that you are willing to give it away to major stockholders.

Again, if you are having a hard time deciding what to give, try thinking of what you would like to receive. A well-thought out gesture is more appreciated than anything, and will always make a lasting impression. 

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