Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What are the Top Corporate Gifts of 2014?

Without a doubt, employees are very integral to the operations of a company or an organization. Without the efforts of the individual, the whole team will not succeed. That is why, from time to time, employers need to give back by offering them little incentives for the service they have rendered to the company. It will not only feel good on your part, but it will also boost up the confidence and commitment of your employees.

One incentive that you can offer is through the form of a corporate gift. Usually, these are given during the holidays, special occasions and the likes. Employees are surely looking forward to these kinds of incentives.

Before you conceptualize your giveaways, you might want to consider the list of items below. Here are some of the most popular corporate gifts.

Universal Serial bus (USB) - Universal Serial Bus or commonly known as USB are now a necessity more than an extravagance for working people. Using USBs, they can store important files in a handy small device easily. Prices of USBs differ depending on the device’s storage size. They range from 1 gigabyte to more than 64 gigabytes.

Pens - Pens may be a little cliché as a gift idea, but pens are really a good present for employees. They are one of the most important part of your office supplies. Moreover, these pens can be customized. You can have the names of your employees engraved on these customized pens to add personal flair to your corporate gift. In Singapore, there are a lot of corporate gifts manufacturer that offers customizable products.

Bags - If you have no time choosing your giveaway, you can opt to give bags. They come in different shapes and sizes although small ones are preferred by most employees. Right now, foldable tote bags or shopping bags are in-demand.

Tumblers - Tumblers or coffee mugs are very essential for on-the-go people who are fond of coffee and other beverages. For giveaways, consider choosing tumblers with rubber grips so that they are easy to hold. You can also have them customized as well and put your company logo or brand name for more promotion.

Power banks - Nowadays, there are a lot of activities we can do using our gadgets. We only have one limitation: battery. That is why power banks have become so popular among gadget users. With these gadget, you can bring with you additional battery for your mobile phones and tablets. This can be a little bit expensive for a corporate giveaway, but this option is worth it once you see your employees happy and inspired to be more productive.

Planners and organizers - This is a good corporate giveaway especially before the start of the new year. With planners and organizers as gifts, you can teach them the valuable habit of being more productive. 

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