Wednesday, March 26, 2014

It's More Than Just a Zit

A zit, or popularly known as pimple, is a one of the many results of excess oil trapped in the pores. These unsightly occurrences are not limited to the facial area but the entire body. Inside the zit is pus and it is not advisable to pop them because doing so will just worsen the situation—it might be the cause of spreading the infection and there would be a high possibility that more pimples will appear.

Studies show that there a number of factors that contribute to acne breakout. Stress is one of the culprits for the appearance of these unwanted spots. For those who don’t know, stress also affects one’s physical wellness. The toxins brought about by stress would soon find their outlet and more often than not, it would be in the form of pimples.

Here are more FYIs regarding zits, as mentioned in

There are a few kinds of zits, all undesirable, but some more than others. When your skin is clogged up with enough skin cells and oil, you get whiteheads; a small white bump under the surface of the skin. When it reaches the surface, it appears black and a blackhead develops. It isn't a dark color because of dirt, but rather from melanin pigments (the stuff that gives color to your skin and hair).

If the wall of the pore breaks, it can become inflamed and red. If it breaks further below the skin’s surface acne nodules or cysts can form. It is important to get these treated, unless of course you want permanent scars.

Now speaking of treatment, there are a lot laser treatment center that can shed light to your pimple problems. Whether your breakout is caused by stress or poor hygiene, a quick visit to a reliable center should be able to pin down the culprit.

When visiting a laser treatment center, make sure to consult first with their skin care professionals. Have your situation checked so they can recommend the right treatment for you. Depending on the severity of your situation, your treatment might require various procedures in order to achieve the desired results.

Also make sure to be honest with the person attending to you if you have other medical conditions that might be of conflict to their suggested treatment (like allergies). This would ensure that everything would be done properly. Remember, you seek out their help in hopes of a cure to your acne problem, and not the other way around.

Once treated, they will give you a skin regime, which you should strictly follow, especially on first few months. This is to ensure that you are not wasting your money for treatments with minimal results just because you didn’t do your part of the deal. 

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