Monday, March 17, 2014

Top Types of Flowers to Give Women

Are you stumped on what to get your wife, girlfriend, mom or sister for a special occasion? If they're on a diet, it would be insensitive to give them chocolates--even though they are beautiful any way and deserve to indulge! It may seem like it is difficult to find a gift that will match up to the modern idea of "thoughtful" especially since everyone is pretty much obsessed with collecting the latest shiny gadget, Thoughtful need not be expensive, though! You can always say it with flowers. 

Giving a woman a bouquet of flowers is the ultimate fail-safe gift to give. More than the blooms itself, the effort of choosing flowers to give and the meaning behind it is what makes a bouquet special. There will always be a new gadget in the market that will be easy to give, but a lovely bouquet of flowers will remind her of your thoughtfulness that will last a lifetime. 

Thankfully, there are so many florists in Singapore that have a wide variety flowers to give. Best of all, they offer hand bouquet delivery services, so just in case you aren't able to give your special gift in person, it will still reach your recipient in time. Here are some of the most common flowers that are appropriate to give to women.

Roses. With so many colors and types, roses are a favorite and very popular for hand bouquet delivery. You can give red roses to your sweetheart, signifying love. You can give white roses to a close family member. You can even give yellow roses to a trusted friend. Roses are so beautiful by themselves, and you can have it customized to three, six or twelve flowers in a bouquet with assorted colors, if you wish. 

Tulips. These are more unusual flowers, but are beautiful nonetheless and will put a smile on your recipients' face! Choose from purple to pink to white tulips--you can’t go wrong with any of them. Tulips also look very elegant; white tulips are a good gift idea to any mother figure in your life.

Lilies. Lilies come in all sorts of lovely colors and are just as elegant as tulips. A bouquet of three or five is more than enough to make a statement. This is best to give to someone who you know likes unusual things, and who doesn’t really conform to standards. 

Sunflowers. Do you have a little miss sunshine in your life? A bouquet of sunflowers will make her day! You can choose several smaller ones or just a few big ones. Either way, the sunny colors of this bouquet will put a smile on her face as bright as the sun!

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