Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Overview Of Thai Food In Singapore

When it comes to Thai food, people understand it to be salty, sweet, bitter as well as spicy. The basic elements in a Thai food are mainly the shrimp paste (kapi), fermented fish sauce (nam pia), lemon grass, fresh coriander leaf,  chilies, lime juice and garlic.

Moreover, the Thai food is mainly served with rice which is Thailand’s primary food. Thai food can also be served with fried vegetables, nam phrik, curries and also  soups.

Many different types of Thai recipes are prepared in the different restaurants which will include amongst others the red Thai recipe, green curry recipe, Thai fish cakes, Singapore noodles sauce and many more. You will not be able to forget the taste of a Thai food so easily. Curry is basically a special type of dish which is prepared from spices like ginger and turmeric.

You can easily distinguish the Thai curry because of it’s yellow or red color. Since it is a very popular dish, it has become a part of each and every restaurant menu. It is also a very popular dish of southeast Asia. The main ingredients of Thai curry are cut vegetables, mouthwatering meat and savory spicy sauce.

With regards to the Thai Food Singapore, the Thai curry is very spicy and also delicious. It basically depends upon its natural ingredients. If you wish to have more taste, you can also add coconut milk and curry paste in Thai curry so that you are able to make an extra taste. It is also possible for you to find high quality curry products in Asian stores and grocers. The Thai Food Singapore will be able to provide you with all sorts of dishes flavored with spices, steamed rice and coconut milk which is easily available at many of the different regions of Thailand. You will also be able to find this dish in every street corner in Thailand.

When it comes to Thai food, steamed rice forms an important and crucial part of Thai food. No doubt that the secret of every Thai food depends upon generally two things: Thai sauce  and Thai herbs. All of the mouth watering taste comes from the Thai sauce. If you are able to get the right Thai food recipe, it will become very easy for you to prepare Thai food in your own kitchen. 

Another of the popular recipes of Thai food is known as the chicken curry recipe. This is because it has a tangy and spicy flavor. Green chilies form the main components of this curry. 

Asides from the chicken curry recipe, the Thai fish cakes as well as the beef curries are also becoming popular as Thai Food Singapore. It is made from garlic. Other than garlic curry paste, lime leaves, black peppers, onion,  lemon grass, coconut milk  and fish cubes are also added to it.

When it comes to cooking Thai food, the traditional cooking methods used were grilling, baking, and stewing. It was not until later the Chinese that deep-frying, stir-frying, and frying were introduced.

So, these are some of the popular Thai foods which you can find on your trip to Singapore!

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