Sunday, October 13, 2013

Best Ways to Spend Your Time While Renting a Serviced Residence

Whether you're on a business trip, on town for vacation, or just staying n town for a while, one of the things you'll be looking for is looking for some mid-range accommodation. Thus the first and most important option that you will probably consider first is to go to a hotel.
Now you might as well think of the extra costs in your travel because of your necessity to stay in places like hotels. But now, there is an even better alternative which is way cheaper but comes with more amenities called Serviced Residences.
These places have more space in them and this is one of its most noticeable features. More rooms as well much like an apartment.

Once you’ve already settled in your serviced residence, you’ll already have a lot of time on your hands. But all is well for you are inside a place filled with convenient amenities and lots of room for some activities. And here’s a good list of activities you’ll most definitely want to try to spend your extra hours while you’re staying in your room.

Try New Things
Now that you have time to kill, there is a myriad of new tricks and flips, new information and new anything out there that you can try like for cooking for example since serviced residences already come with good quality cooking equipments, stoves, ovens and all.
Re-Learn some of your own Skills
Get a book. Grab a musical instrument (if you have one of course) or you can just grab yourself a map of town. Learning or even Re-learning they say is a very good exercise for one’s own mind. It helps keeps the gears on our heads turning and healthy. Plus it will be loads of fun ones you get to try it. It helps your mind be more familiar with the various information we already stored inside our heads.
Take up a new Hobby
Much like trying to or re-learn a skill on the previous item above, learning new things is and will always be very healthy. Like pianist or other artists, they get to exercise their minds while performing or creating new things. It is already evident in recent studies that frequent use of your brain by using it to learn new things or trying to re-learn old things can reduce the risk of having Alzheimer’s.

Create your own Definition for Vacation
These one's for those who are actually on vacation. You actually don't really have to go out a lot or spend too much money on travelling all around a town you're not familiar to. You can actually just spend your time in-doors.  Besides, with a serviced place with a lot of convenient appliances in your disposal, what else would you really need?

Catch up on some Good Old TV Series
This is the perfect time to get to watch your favorite Series if in case you haven't been able to watch those really important episodes. Remember that you have a lot of time on your hands and you are residing within a fully serviced residence.

These are just a few of the many kinds of activities you could try out while staying for a while on a homey and warm serviced residence for rent. You can be creative as well and make up your own list of things you might want to try out or do to spend time in-doors. The possibilities are always endless and fact is you will never run out of time to try out new things.

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