Monday, October 14, 2013

What Makes Boutique Hotels The Best

There are hotels called Boutique Hotels that were all the craze back and the 80’s. Coming from places like North America and the UK, these hotels earned their names because their rooms and facilities are noticeably on the top of their game; fitted with its own individual telephone, wifi and cable tv.

Boutique hotels usually focus their services on comfort and try to give the customer that intimate and warm welcoming feeling. With a crew that serves all the guests 24 hours a day, seven days a week and even a bar and lounge that is always open for everyone, a guest will surely feel at ease while staying in this facility.

Recently these kinds of heavenly hotels have been turning up on some far eastern locations including Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and Taiwan.

These kinds of hotels usually boast a definitely envious luxurious design that you’ll never be able to imagine in a million years. Hotels like these usually have a design right to their core. And what a pleasure it must be to reside in such awesome work of art. Wouldn't you agree?

Like fictional magical places like Narnia, these homey places are usually found in locations which exist just to give you the ultimate location for your holiday trip. Whether it is in the beach retreat near Maldives, a spot somewhere in France or somewhere close to the Marina Bay Sands, these hotels were built in places where the magic happens.

The features of Boutique Hotels don’t just stop to how they look and where they're located in. They also have an amazing group that serves their guests to the point that they feel like gods. With plush lobbies, high-quality concierge service, beautiful high-end beddings and delicious food, guests here will definitely never regret staying for a few days.

These places are designed to be small unlike their more expensive more flashy counterparts, hence giving it their intimate and warm ambiance. Yet they are not that small to the point that it feels like you're getting claustrophobic, it’s large enough to get a breeze circling the room.

Its name might give you the wrong idea, but Boutique Hotels are actually budget friendly. Compared to some, more expensive hotels, these immensely affordable hotels can in fact give you more warm and intimate homey ambiance than those hotels that cost more. So, if you think about it, you’ll get better service, better food and better sleep in boutique hotels and you don’t have to pay that much in order to avail of such awesome service. Something you will never get in a more expensive hotel.

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