Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Institutions in Asia To Get a Degree

Back in the day, most young people in Asia who dream of getting a degree on their chosen field need to get through a myriad of things first before they even start. Requirements, VISA’s, papers, passports and a lot more, since if, let’s say back then, you wanted to get a master’s degree, you’ll have to travel all the way to the west in order to achieve your goals.

Stanford, Berkley, Pamona, Princeton, Yale and Harvard were the main choices back in the day if you were aiming for the best institutions. But now, thankfully things have changed. As time went by, more and more high quality institutions were made closer to home. Slowly but surely, countries in Asia like China, Singapore and many more, have established their name as the top places in Asia where you’ll be able to fulfil your dreams of studying for a degree near where you reside in. The days of having to go far from home and far from you loved ones are long gone. And below are the finest examples of such schools:

China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
CEIBS was established in Shanghai back in 1994 as a non-profit joint venture and is under and an agreement between the Chinese Government and the European Commission. This is actually the only Asian based business school that has achieved top 25 Global rankings for its EDP (Executive Development Programs) MBA and EMBA. This is one of the best business schools out there. They also have offices and teaching facilities in Shenzen and Beijing.

INSEAD, Singapore
 One of the world's largest Business schools this time located not only in Singapore, but also in Abu Dhabi and even Europe (France to be Exact). This prestigious school includes programmes such as: Executive Master in consulting and coaching for Change, Master in Finance, PHD's, MBA and Executive MBA.

Nanyang Business School, Singapore
 This is yet another great school for you if you wish to get your degree in Singapore. This school's MBA programme continuously gets ranked as one of Asia's best. They recently were ranked within the top 35 schools in Financial Times and Asia's top 10 MBA Programs as well as ranking 1st in Singapore for their opportunities for career progression and successful job placements.

University of Hong Kong, China
 Last but definitely not the least is China’s University of Hong Kong. This university is mostly known for their research and education in humanities, legal subjects, biological sciences, political sciences and even medicine. Their MBA program was ranked number one in Asia and is on the 36th place in the world by The Economist.

These rankings and recognitions ensure the quality of the institutions that you might want to go for if you are looking for a master degree near Asia. With these reports and news about these schools, you’ll be safe in thinking that these institutions will give you quality education. And where else would you want to get a degree than with the best of the best?

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