Sunday, October 13, 2013

Common Types of Sex Toys

The sex toys are now becoming popular to people as a good alternative in making their sex life active. This can be shocking and overwhelming to some, and it just depends on how an individual sees, whether in a positive or negative light. Sex toys are available in different types and these are both applicable for men and women. These products are now out in the market and are still continuing to be improved and upgraded in order to bring more satisfaction to the users.
Choosing the right sex toys is necessary in order to achieve maximum satisfaction. To make it easier for people in finding the best sex toys for their needs, here are the common types of sex toys available in the market.


Vibrators – This is the most common sex toy for women that are out in the market. The product is designed for stimulating some parts of the female anatomy involving the clitoris. Having this is essential since women can achieve orgasm by clitoral stimulation. With regard to this, some women need it in order to achieve their desired orgasm.

Dildos – The product can be seen as penis-like toys. This type of sex toys is designed primarily to be inserted inside the vagina and can also be considered to be inserted in the anal area. Having this product with a same shape, size and appearance of a penis provides the same sensation that can be felt when a real penis penetrates.

Enhancing Creams – The creams have been popularized as a sexual aide. The product can be seen in a form of gel or cream that can be used by rubbing into the genital. It adds to the stimulation that provides a tingling sensation on the area that has been applied. 


Fake Vaginas – This product is now becoming popular among men. Some of the models of this product that come with a higher price provide a lifelike sensation like that of the real vagina. There are wide varieties of these sex toys in the market and the bestselling among these are the ones that are designed same as the genitals of porn stars. Using this is a good alternative in case the partner is not available or does not want to have an intercourse.

Pumps – The pumps is designed to help men in having a longer erection over a period of time. The feature of the pump usually contains a sleeve that is made from rubber and jelly like material. It needs to be placed on top of the penis. By the accompanying pump, men can feel the same sensation when manual or oral stimulation is being done.

Rings – These are typically known as penis rings. The materials are made from a rubber material that is flexible to adopt on the size of the penis. Having this product is designed in providing constriction that helps in maintaining a longer erection. There are also fancier models which contain bumps and beads that can add to the pleasure of the female partner during the intercourse. 

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