Thursday, October 3, 2013

MBA Courses for Busy Professionals

What is an MBA Program?

MBA is an abbreviation for Masters in Business Administration. It is one of the most pursued after graduating from college because the degree is multipurpose and can be very useful anywhere in the world. It is the most important key in boosting your career.

Although it is very popular, there are still many people who are hesitant in advancing to MBA because they do not know a lot about it like what are the requirements, the curriculum, how to get admitted and what are the advantages and disadvantages when pursuing an MBA.

There are a lot to consider when getting MBA courses. In order for you to know and decide if this is the right course for you, you need to answer those questions satisfactorily. Although pursuing a higher education could lead to a positive career turn, succeeding it would take a lot of hard work and dedication.

Requirement to Get an MBA

Before you pursue your MBA, you need do to the following:

• You need to complete an undergraduate program. It does not necessarily mean you have to finish a business course in order to proceed with an MBA.

• You must take the GMAT or SATs for business school. The admission committee would like to know how well you academic record is as well as your work history.

• Although you can directly enroll in an MBA program right after completing an undergraduate course, most MBA schools admit those who have work experience. It is very rare that they admit fresh graduates regardless of their academic record. The MBA graduate program would like their students to have real working experience so they can contribute and share those experiences to their peers.

• Research for a program which would suit your future career. There are a lot of universities that offer MBA programs but you should make sure the program you choose would benefit you and your career.

• Before enrolling to an MBA program, you should know the requirements. Some programs would have a specific GPA and GMAT range which you need to met, otherwise you are disqualified.

What are the types of MBA Program?

• 2 year full time program – The standard program where a person has a typical workload. This focuses on students who can manage to leave work for 2 years.

• Part time MBA – Taking this kind of program would take 3 to 4 years to complete MBA. This is focused on students who have a hectic schedule and can’t take on a full load.

• One year full program – A very intensive program due to time constraints. Students are expected to have more classes than the standard program.

• Executive MBAs – This is designed for those working professionals who have a busy schedule and aim to improve their career.

• Specialty MBAs – This program is intended for students who wants to specialize in one specific area.

• Dual Degrees – Students who want to study another field yet still want to get MBA.

• Online MBAs – This is beneficial for those who want to enroll in the program but want to save time in travelling.

Enrolling in a MBA course would give you these different curriculums:

1. Accounting
2. Economics
3. Finance
4. Management
5. Marketing
6. International Business
7. Business Law

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