Monday, November 25, 2013

3 Things You Need to Know About Your New iPhone 5s

The Apple iPhone has long been the king of the hipster and the top dog in the mobile world. Not only have they long been one of the most innovative parts of the mobile industry, but they regularly provide updates and improvements for their popular mobile brand.
From the obvious 2nd choice in desktop machines to the king of the hill in the mobile stakes, Apple have a long history of quality products and are not recognized for the monster that they are in the mobile niche.
However, like any product, your iPhone is not invincible. Should it require any type of repair or upgrade, then it can be quite difficult to do yourself. If you need iPhone repair services, you are probably going to need some professional assistance.
However, here are some of the key things you need to know about your iPhone 5s;
The Camera Is Outstanding!
The iPhone 5S was built with one of the most sublime cameras on the market. It comes with an autofocus which is twice as quick as before, it also has an auto stabilizer and a 10 FPS burst mode for making comical collages.
You can even record 720P quality video at 120 FPS. The quality is truly up for display with the iPhone 5S. This new level of camera quality is one of the main selling points of the phone itself, so if you are looking for a quality camera, this would probably be a good choice!
The Battery Is Horrible
Horrible may seem like a harsh word, but there is a general consensus that smartphones in general – not just the iPhone 5S – have shoddy battery life. Although it has a better battery life than its predecessors, it will start to weaken over the course of a year or so and will eventually require an iPhone repair expert to look at it.
Keep in mind that just about every smartphone has battery issues, so don’t let this put you off – we just want to let you know it’s still an issue!
It’s Decent For Repairs
Should you need to get your iPhone 5S repaired, you are in luck. There aren’t too many places that would be unable to fix this, as it is one of the most popular handsets out there. As well as this, you can get independent repair other than the exorbitantly priced Apple repair services.
Many online stores and shops offer the chance to fix your iPhone 5S for a fraction of the price, and if you require iPhone repair you are much better going to one of these independent stores. They can usually find the issue and repair it for a fair price.
Try and compare your smartphone repair price to that of laptops, PCs etc. and the price does not seem quite so bad then. However, make sure you turn to a non-Apple store, frankly the Apple stores can be quite bad with pricing for repairing your phone.
The next time you are unlucky enough to need an iPhone repair service, just remember that they are widely fixable in repair stores and online for a much better deal than the one Apple offer!

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