Sunday, November 10, 2013

5 Behaviors a PR Newbie Should Adopt

To survive and thrive in the best PR agencies in Singapore, a new PR hire should not only conform to the set guidelines and qualifications a PR company requires of him but also to adopt new skills and behaviors. New employees, or newbies, are understandably no experts in the field and most enter it some familiarity of the industry with an expected skill set. Companies will look for candidates who are knowledgeable about, but not limited to, video editing, writing, basic math, basic HTML, SEO and social media. With these skills, a PR newbie comes in with a good foundation for progress and in time, will learn how some behaviors and values can help them keep up in the fast paced public relations field.

Here's a run-through of the mindset a PR newbie has to adopt.

Toughness and tenacity. PR is the place where customers, in this case, clients, are not always right. A client company may think of a good marketing campaign to implement but in actual effect, is not the best scheme to choose. Your job is to fight the good fight and say no. Provide another strategy which initially may be questionable to the client but in the end, results will speak for itself and becomes a win-win situation for all.

Take one's pulse. Do some heavyweight research and know your client's industry and their business model. done. Understand how your client makes money. Gauge the level of competition and know the performance of their competitors.

Be personable. The lifeline of PR agencies are their relationships with clients. If you can see them personally, visit the client and converse face-to-face. If not, pick up the phone and give them a call. Communication via emails or online messaging should be the last resort. Form amicable relationships with them and always maintain professionalism.

Get your feet wet. You may be new to the company but it does not meet you are restricted from bringing in work. Identify and get new clients and opportunities - potential markets, etc. Your value in the PR agency will soar to new heights.

Be a team player. A PR agency should be a winning team with its members upholding valuable designations and working together harmoniously. Learn how to help others and they will help you. As a newbie, remember that you are always a part of a bigger picture and everyone else is working to achieve the same goals as you.

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