Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Maintain Durability of Awnings with Proper Cleaning Methods

Awnings and canopies are best solutions for protection against direct sunlight and heating up of the rooms during the extremely hot summers. They are good options for places such as the top of the doors, windows, commercial awning shade for outside the shops with glass bordering etc. The awnings are made of different types of materials such as polyester fabric, acrylic, polycarbonate and many other materials. The fabric awnings mostly with striped designs are in huge demand apart from rich single color shades. While awnings can be designed in different patterns such as an oval canopy, parasol or the umbrella style, vertical drop, drop arm, etc. the awning Singapore mostly made of the polycarbonate material are designed in the form of retractable awnings that are used as shades for the carports, backyard garden, lawns etc.

The awnings have always been the prime choice for the buyers owing to the presence of inexpensive prices, availability of variety in terms of colors and materials, durability, easy installation and low maintenance costs. However the long lasting effect of the material depends on the maintenance and periodical cleaning. You do not have to work too hard or spend huge money for this if you follow some of the basic procedures. The cleaning is the most important factor in the maintenance of the awning Singapore.

Cleaning of Polycarbonate and Acrylic Awnings

The polycarbonate and acrylic awning materials are stain and scratch resistant. This quality of these materials does not allow dirt to stick on them can be easily cleaned with a soft cloth. Harsh chemicals such as Pinesol and Lysol, etc. can damage the smooth surface of the polycarbonate awnings alongside the color of the structure so only mild cleansers can be used. It is therefore important to arrange for frequent cleaning sessions to prevent strong deposit of dirt.

Cleaning of Fabric Based Awnings

Always use aluminum awning stands to avoid any type of rusting that can leave stains on the fabric material. If you have a fabric awning you can use some soft brush to clean the dirt from the structure preferably once in a week. In case of staining they can be washed without removing them from the stands. In this case you will need a hose and superb water flow. A dishwashing detergent can be used on the wet fabric area. Though Luke warm water can be used, it is best to use cold water to maintain the shiny texture of the fabric. Drying is not an issue and it will dry in the sunlight on its own.


Heating and Ironing: You can use the washing machine for the cleaning purpose if the size of the awning is compatible for machine cleaning. Air drying is the proper method to quicken the drying process. Never apply any sort of artificial heating, steam ironing to the fabric that might shrink due to the heat.

Bleaching Awning Fabric: Fabric bleaching material is not recommended for the awning that can lead to discoloration or damaging of the fabric stitches etc.

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