Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Most Incredible Success Stories of Masters Degree Holders

For us normal people, having the chance to reach that moment when it's time to get a long needed and long dreamt off master's degree, comes when we have reached a certain age like in our twenties or even late twenties. And just the fact that we were able to even have a chance to go through it is already a big deal for us. But for some of the super smart and super geniuses, attaining a master's degree at their chosen field comes really quite early in life.

While we were all in our very young kiddie ages and we were still trying to figure out how to put together a few blocks of Lego to make a toy car, these geniuses were already solving differential equations and getting nominated on various Nobel Prize categories and just inevitably skip elementary school altogether and went straight to college and/or to their master's degree courses.

And here are a few of these amazing people:

Akrit Jaswal
This young man has earned the nickname "Modern-day Doogie Howser". He was admitted to college at the very young age of only 11 and in actuality, even before he was formally studying medicine and before college in general, this kid has already been practicing medicine, performed his first operation at the age of seven and even helping out impoverished families. Today he is working towards degrees in botany, chemistry and zoology at Punjab University. After this, he plans to study medicine at Harvard.

Kim Ung Yong
For some of us who are space exploration fans, being invited in and just being able to walk around NASA is such a big deal and a dream come true. But that will always just be it for us normal people. It is a different thing when it comes to Kim Ung-yong. At the age of eight, he was invited to NASA not just for a tour but to do research with all the employees there.

He worked in NASA for ten years while earning a PhD in physics at the age of 16

Akshay Venkatesh
When he was eleven years old back in 1993, he won a Bronze medal at the International Physics Olympiad in Virginia. He then switched to mathematics soon after taking home the bronze and kept on winning more Olympiad medals on the subject. He was able to finish high school when he was only thirteen and went straight to the University of Western Australia, graduating with first class honours in Mathematics in 1997. After which he then got a PhD from Princeton University at the age of 20. Since acquiring his PhD in 2002 he's gone from holding a post-doctorate position at MIT to becoming a Clay Research fellow and recently he just was promoted as an professor at Stanford.

Moshe Kai Cavalin
This kid is one of those very rare kids that actually appreciates astrophysics at a very young age. He then enrolled in college at East Los Angeles College at the age of eight and graduating in 2009 with 4.0 GPA complete with honours. He recently decided to take a time off for a while to rest and learn other cool things like scuba diving and he even wants to write a book. He plans to return to school to complete a degree in astrophysics.

Sho Yano

Sho started college when he was only nine right after getting a score of 1,500 out of 1,600 on his college SATs one year before. This might be because of home schooling from a very early age.  By twelve he had graduated and was on to the Medical Scientist Training Program at the University of Chicago so he could work out his MD and PhD in Molecular genetics and cell biology. When he turned eighteen, Yano had completed his PhD and today is working to finish up his Master Degree.

Normally for us, being able to get a college degree is already hard enough at eighteen, but for these gifted young people, higher education begins a whole lot earlier. Some kids can take it all on even before they have even reached their twenties or teens, graduating with a PhD or a Master Degree at their most loved and chosen field.

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