Monday, November 18, 2013

Unknown Facts and Trivia’s about Hair Treatment

There are simply many myths associated with hair treatment, something that has confused many people, men and women alike. Many people have come to believe that hair treatment is restricted to the various surgical techniques employed in the treatment of hair loss. What many do not realize is that hair treatment starts with washing hair on a regular basis. Doing so does not only keep the hair clean; washing also goes along way in preventing common scalp problems that affect health and quality of hair. Indeed, Singapore hair treatment is a wholesome treatment that addresses scalp and hair problems.

Singapore hair treatment experts provide a wide range of services, services that have gone a long way in dispelling myths associated with hair.

Flat, dull and fine hair – This is a problem that most people and in women in particular do face. In attempt to develop voluminous hair, most go for cheap hair products that often contain synthetic plastic polymers that end up coating the hair and leaving it drier. Hair experts in Singapore encourage the use of high-end hair products that contain plant proteins including soy and keratin that are very effective in maintaining hair shine and building hair in a natural way.

Breaking and split ends – This is a major hair problem that most women who use a lot of chemicals on their hair experience. Contrary to common belief, there is no hair product that addresses the problem. Trimming and moisturizing hair with a quality conditioner is the only option.

Dry/greasy hair – This is the other major hair problem that confront most women. Unknown to many, the problem occurs due to use of shampoos and hair conditioners not suitable for their type of hair. One needs to ascertain his/her type of hair before using any shampoo or conditioner.

Frizz – Many people address frizzy hair by using different hair products that unfortunately do not address the problem. Frizzy hair occurs because of one’s genetic makeup and it can be worse when one lives in a humid location. Even though the problem is genetically related, Singapore hair treatment experts employ innovative ways of addressing the problem. Proper nutrition can go a long way in preventing frizzy hair. They also encourage the use of hair serum products that work on hair texture, leaving it smooth and glossier.

Grey hair – Development of grey certainly occurs as one ages. However, there are those who develop grey hair while still teenagers or in their prime. This is because of genetics. Although not a hair problem as such, those who develop grey hair in their teens or in their prime can suffer embarrassment, low self esteem and lack of confidence. Many of such people resort to using colorants that contain bleaching agents, which make their condition worse. Singapore hair treatment experts recommend the use of quality hair masks and hair conditioners and shampoos designed for grey hair, products that contain pigments that attach to hair cuticle layer, in effect improving on hair color.

Hair loss – This is probably the main hair problem that those seeking hair treatment present, a problem that Singapore hair treatment experts address very effectively. By employing their expertise and experience, the experts analyze hair using modern computerized technology, which allows them to settle for the most appropriate treatment option. Treatment options available include use of approved medications, hair transplantation and follicular unit extraction (FUE) among other options.

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